EarthCalm Lunar Shield Reviews

Reviews: EarthCalm Lunar Shield

There is a military radar tower and also 5 radio transmission towers near my home.  Although they are about a mile away, the towers have always given me a heavy feeling in the head during sleep. But this has vanished since I installed the Lunar Shield.  Sleep has been deeper and comes more easily.

Jeff Yeo, Singapore

My fiancé and I have been using the LunarShield around our bed for several weeks now and we have definitely felt a difference.  It has positively helped our lives.

My fiancé used to have horrible night terrors. He would tell me stories of his nightmares, thrash violently and sleep walk out of the house. Since using the Lunar Shield, he has gotten better. All sleeping disorders have subsided and we now have peaceful sleep together and couldn’t be happier!! We definitely recommend this product for anyone with similar problems. Thank you so much!

B. Nottenkamper and J. Jordan, “the Sheep Counters”