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Special Help for Electrosensitive People: The LunarShield


EarthCalm LunarShield

Get Deep, Restorative Sleep with extra EMF Protection around your Bed

The LunarShield is designed especially for those with electromagnetic sensitivity. It gives extra EMF protection while you sleep—an important time, as this is when your body heals and restores itself.

The LunarShield works in synergy with the Infinity Home EMF Protection System (either version) and is designed to provide added support to that given by this product.

Give Yourself the Extra Support You Need

woman sleeping200Get deep restorative sleep that will boost your immune system and help you feel more refreshed and energetic when you wake up.

You can also use it in other areas in your home!

Wrap the Lunar Shield around any area in your home you spend a lot of time in—such as an easy chair, a desk, or a meditation area—and get extra support during the day, as well.

EarthCalm’s Inventor has Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Jean GallickThe LunarShield has been designed by EarthCalm inventor, Jean Gallick, who is herself highly electrosensitive. As our environment becomes ever more dense with electrosmog, she has developed a special concern for people like herself with extreme sensitivity to EMFs.

She has discovered extra support is now needed for those with electromagnetic sensitivity, even beyond that given by the Home System and Nova Resonator, especially when they are sleeping. The LunarShield is her answer. This product functions as an electromagnetic transformer that creates a voltage fence between the person sleeping within it and the environment.

30 feet in length. Fits all bed sizes.

Price: $249
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There is a military radar tower and also 5 radio transmission towers near my home. Although they are about a mile away, the towers have always given me a heavy feeling in the head during sleep. But this has vanished since I installed the Lunar Shield. Sleep has been deeper and comes more easily.Jeff Yeo, Singapore

Wondering Whether You Have Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

Electromagnetic Sensitivity is now generally accepted by doctors and health practitioners to be a medical condition. Many people suffer from it, not understanding what it is. There is a wide variety of symptoms, including:

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Digestive Problems
  • Dizziness, disorientation
  • Fatigue
  • Mindfog, memory loss
  • Sleep disorders
  • Chronic colds & flus
  • Depression, anxiety

EarthCalm EMF Protection Technology

EarthCalm products use revolutionary Living Earth Technology (LET) to protect you from EMF exposure. Proprietary geometric circuits that mirror the structure of the earth’s electromagnetic field amplify your resonance with the earth—thus giving you the ultimate in EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation.

In addition to Mirror Resonance Technology the LunarSchield contains Sanctuary2, which creates an additional protective zone around the wearer. Sanctuary2 utilizes the principles of an electromagnetic transformer to create a voltage fence around the wearer that offers maximum personal protection and gives enhanced energy, strength and endurance.

My fiancé used to have horrible night terrors. He would tell me stories of his nightmares, thrash violently and sleep walk out of the house. Since using the LunarShield, he has gotten better. All sleeping disorders have subsided and we now have peaceful sleep together. Thank you so much! B. Nottenkamper and J. Jordan, “the Sheep Counters”

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try a LunarShield for electromagnetic sensitivity today and see how it works for you. You have 90 days to try it with a money-back guarantee. Feel better fast!

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