Infinity Home System

Infinity Home System

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  • Easy to Install:Simply plug it into any outlet in your home, then add 4 phases.
  • Safe for Children:EMF & WiFi protection for the whole family.
  • Smart Meter Protection:Protects from your Smart Meter's wireless transmissions.
  • Safe for Pets:Indoor pets experience improved health and calm.
  • Internet Router Protection:Protects from your router's EMF & WiFi transmissions.
  • Plugged-In Protection:Protection from EMFs & WiFi generated by your home's plugged-in appliances/electronics.
  • Phone Support:Friendly & knowledgeable Customer Service available at 800-474-2584.
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EarthCalm Infinity Home EMF WiFi ProtectionInfinity Home EMF Protection System:
Comes in a soft nylon & polyurethane leather travel case including socket adapter types A, C, G and I for easy transport and compatibility around the world. One system protects everyone in your home from EMFs & WiFi generated by all of your home's plugged-in appliances and electronics, which includes your wireless router and your smart meter. Your home's appliances and electronics can put great stress on your Immune and Nervous Systems. EarthCalm EMF protection relieves this stress, allowing for deep relaxation and healing, which also enhances your ability to concentrate and think clearly. Does your home have a Smart Meter?

Easy to Install:
Select one of the 4 adapter options, whichever is specific to your region. Simply plug Phase 1 into the base unit, and then plug the base unit into any outlet in your home. After everyone in your home has adjusted* to Phase 1, wait 3 days. Then, add in Phase 2. Repeat this process on all Phases. When all 4 Phases are plugged into the base unit, the EarthCalm Infinity Home System is working at full strength.

*People who are EMF-sensitive may experience detox symptoms while working through the 4 Phases (i.e., headaches, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, etc). These symptoms usually only last a few moments, but can last for hours or days, in the case of extreme EMF sensitivity. In those cases, simply spend more time at each level, and it is okay to remove a level, to drop down to the prior level for a while. Go at your own pace, at your own comfort level. And if you have any questions about your experience, simply call EarthCalm Customer Service at 800-474-2584.

EarthCalm customers report:
  • Relief from chronic headaches and migraines
  • Blood pressure normalized
  • Improved memory
  • Relief from depression & chronic anxiety
  • Relief from Tinnitus
  • Relief from Asthma symptoms
  • Improved sleep
  • fewer colds and flus
  • enhanced alertness
  • sounder sleep
  • increased energy
  • a sense of greater calm & well-being
  • hyperactive and Autistic children are calmer, more focused

EarthCalm 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
EarthCalm 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: 
EarthCalm 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: EarthCalm promises to refund the product price minus shipping, for any reason, if the customer returns the product(s) within 90 days of the order date, by following EarthCalm’s Instructions for Return. The product(s) must be in original condition, shipped back to EarthCalm at the customer’s expense. All returns must be post-marked within 90 days of the purchase date. GUARANTEE DOES NOT APPLY TO THE PURCHASE OF DISCONTINUED ITEMS..

EarthCalm Product Testing Research Dr Glen Rein Scientific Research and Testing:
A study was completed on the Infinity Home System, by Glen Rein PhD of Quantum Biology Research. Dr. Rein tested the effects of home electricity and microwave radiation (from a smart meter and wireless router) on human DNA, both with and without the EarthCalm Infinity Home System installed. Research results showed that the Infinity Home System completely reversed the harmful effects of radiation on human DNA. Read full report.

Customer Comments:
“I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was to feel the pain, the depression, the anxiety and nervousness, the mental fog just being drawn downward out of my mind and body.” T. Jacobson, MN

“My health has been transformed since the day I plugged it into my home. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and could feel an energy shift in my body as soon as I plugged it in. I am sleeping soundly with an elevated mood and lots of energy now without any effort.” Nicki Noyes, California

5 Stars
Is This Psychosomatic?
Due to my line of work I was forced for the last 14 months to work on my computer 10 to 12 hours a day. The hypertension had gotten so bad, it often scared me. I was fully aware of the fact that the electromagnetic energy from the computer and the additional office equipment were to blame. When I left the office at night and sat in my La-Z-boy to read my paper, I often did not get any further than the obituaries and I fell deep asleep. Well Jean, all that instantly stopped 10 to 15 minutes after I plugged in my Infinity Home System. At first I asked myself: Is this psychosomatic? But 2 to 3 hours later, I knew it was for real. During the initial hour, I felt as if someone had put a veil over the gray matter between my ears. Not that I was unable to get any work done, even so I felt somewhat phlegmatic. As a matter of fact, I accomplished quite a lot. During the next couple of hours, that veil dissipated, and I suddenly felt totally at peace. I was overcome by a feeling of immense happiness. Not that I am a morbid person to begin with, it was just such an elated state of being, that I said to myself: This is totally “nuts”. Another thing I have noticed: I am now able to sit up straight. Due to some severe spinal injuries in my youth, whether I am walking, running or sitting, I have a tendency to constantly slump. I have stopped that almost instantly. It is definitely not a conscious reminder, it just happens. My upper back suddenly stopped feeling so enormously tired.
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 5/9/2016
5 Stars
My Health Has Been Transformed
I just want to say THANK YOU so much Earth Calm for the Infinity Home System. My health has been transformed since the day I plugged it into my home. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and could feel an energy shift in my body as soon as I plugged it in. I am sleeping soundly with an elevated mood and lots of energy now without any effort. I also feel (all the time!) that I just walked out of a yoga class. Peaceful and blissful! That is how grounded your product is making me feel. I am so grateful to you and this product. I am a stay at home Mom and I can now finally enjoy being at home with my kids. Now if every home could have one of these products… we would be a happier planet.
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Reviewed by:  from San Diego, CA. on 1/31/2015
5 Stars
The ringing in my ears went away after using the Infinity Home System for one night. I also noted relief from severe neck and back pain from an old injury.
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Reviewed by:  from California. on 5/17/2016
5 Stars
Utterly Amazing
I received my Infinity Home System yesterday, and I have already seen an amazing result. Last night, when I got home from work, I excitedly ripped open my package…and then immediately jumped up to plug it in. I didn’t even stop to really read the instructions…just get it started already! (anxiety and irritability much?) You see, my daughter has not slept well for weeks, and has displayed many of the symptoms described by other people here. She often has headaches, stomach aches, turbulent sleep patterns, and an inability to concentrate. Because of this, she has encountered failing grades and diminishing self esteem. She is just tired of being tired. So, back to last night. For the first time in ages, she actually stayed focused on her homework for over 2 ½ hours…then curled up on her bed and slept like she hadn’t in eons. She often snores, but not last night! She got a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep…and woke up feeling great! Double thank you for that!!!!! This morning when I left for work, I just HAD to see what would happen in the office when I took it with me. I manage a team of 8 people that works in a high stress, client service environment, surrounded by computers and wireless connections… The team usually starts off the day in high spirits, everyone feeling good, but by mid day, they are dragging, tired and well, done. Today I have seen a calm and productive team, who are able to manage issues effectively, instead of letting it drive them crazy (thus driving them to my office). Utterly amazing. Needless to say, I am seriously looking forward to what tomorrow brings on the home front and the work front…excellent results!!!!
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Reviewed by:  from California. on 2/9/2016
5 Stars
Very Effective
I recently bought an Infinity Home System. I had already been sleeping on an earthing sheet for six months, but the Infinity Home System is very effective at giving me a deep sense of calm that I wasn’t getting from just earthing because, well, you cannot ALWAYS be in contact with the sheet or mat!
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Reviewed by:  from France. on 7/2/2014
5 Stars
I'm Amazed!
I was experiencing headaches, nausea and having trouble concentrating, when surrounded by EMFs. At work, I’m surrounded by 200+ computers and my desk is less than 100 feet from a cell phone tower. I have tried different devices, but have only found one that works... I now use the Home System by EarthCalm. I gradually added each piece of the system at 2 week intervals. Once I finally got to the full strength of the system, I noticed a fast improvement in my health. Since I could only afford one Home System, I take the unit from home to work with me every day. I’m amazed, that after years of being sick, I actually feel good now! I would recommend anyone having a sensitivity to EMF’s to give one of EarthCalm’s products a try.
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Reviewed by:  from Citrus Heights, CA. on 3/6/2016
5 Stars
I Haven't Seen Such a Low Blood Pressure Reading in Years!
I was given the EarthCalm Infinity Home System to test; and a week after I installed it, I took my blood pressure, which has been averaging 140/88 (on medications) and 160’s/90’s (off meds), with intermittently higher readings. I thought the machine was experiencing an error when it measured my BP at 115/78. I haven’t seen such a low reading for several years! I’ve been recording measurements daily since then, under different circumstances and times of day, and they are all similar. With this personal experience I am enthusiastic enough to design and perform clinical trials to see if these results can be reproduced. Such validation would give me confidence to prescribe these devices for my patients.
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Reviewed by:  from Austin, TX. on 2/19/2016
5 Stars
I Will Be Recommending This Product to Everyone I Know
The hour before receiving and plugging the EarthCalm in, our area had been heavily chem-trailed and I was feeling the effects. My whole body's system felt as though it was shutting down and constricting. I had a definite metallic taste in my mouth. My body felt acidic. I had sharp pain at the base of my skull. I was extremely fatigued and agitated. Within minutes of plugging the EarthCalm Home System into the wall, my whole body began to relax. Within an hour, the metallic taste was gone, the pain in my head was gone, my energy began to return, and a sense of calm and happiness came. I also experienced a runny nose the rest of that day. My husband who is easily chilled kept asking me if the heater was on; he felt so warm. I also want to mention sleep. I have a history of menopausal insomnia. Since the first night with the EarthCalm Home System, I have been sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night, and it is a deep, sound, restful sleep. Each day I feel a little better, more balanced, more energetic, and joyful. I will be recommending this product to everyone I know.
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Reviewed by:  from New York. on 3/7/2016
5 Stars
EarthCalm Has Literally Changed Our Lives!
I ordered the EarthCalm Home System because my son was experiencing grand mal seizures, as well as symptoms of Tourettes–constant twitching, eye tics, and inability to sit still. I took him to doctors, changed his diet, and nothing seemed to work. As a last resort, I bought EarthCalm products. After two months of a rough detox, my son is no longer having any seizures at all, his Tourette’s symptoms have completely cleared up, as have many of his food allergies. EarthCalm has literally changed our lives!!
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Reviewed by:  from Utah. on 1/28/2016
5 Stars
My Cats Seizures Stopped!
We have 6 cats in our house. The oldest was having seizures at least twice a week and I was sure she wouldn’t be around much longer. After installing the Infinity Home System the seizures stopped and the cat is as healthy as the rest of them and will be with us for quite some time!
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 2/8/2015
5 Stars
The EarthCalm Home System Works Wonders
The Earthcalm Home System works wonders. I can’t believe it. My bum right knee feels like new with no more pain. My anger and anxiety are all gone and I no longer feel stressed out and depressed. Such an amazing product. It took me a month and a half to get used to all the stages, but I’ve adjusted well now. Thank you all for looking out for humanity.
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Reviewed by:  from Tampa, FL. on 4/11/2016
5 Stars
Yes, This is a Good Thing
My personal experience with the EarthCalm Home System: Moments after I plugged the device into one of the outlets in my home, I felt myself breathing more deeply than I had been – a sense of my lungs and entire rib cage area opening, as though some long-held tension had just been released. With this came a sweet feeling of contentment, ease and happiness. I smiled, within a feeling that “yes, this is a good thing.” Since I’m already relatively healthy, I progressed fairly quickly through the stages – designed to gently and gradually acclimate the nervous system to its new and healthier electromagnetic environment. Approaching the deadline of the 90-day Money Back Guarantee, it was time for me to either send the Infinity Home System device back to EarthCalm, or to keep my purchase. Since I was feeling a bit pinched for cash, I decided to send it back. The moment that I pulled it out of its electrical socket, I could feel an increase in nervous-system agitation. By later that evening (after I had already gone to the post office to send it off), the nervous-system agitation had increased to a very uncomfortable level, and it took me nearly three hours to fall asleep (vs. my usual 15-30 minutes). As I was lying there in bed, my eyes wide open, I also noticed that I had a low-grade headache, a low-grade sore throat, a bit of nasal discharge, and a distinct feeling of constriction in my chest, with each breath. The next morning, I woke up still feeling fatigued and agitated, and noticed, in addition, a low-level aching in my joints. Well, suffice it to say that it took me less than 48 hours to order a new Infinity Home System — and plan to have it as an ongoing fixture in my living-space for as long as possible!
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Reviewed by:  from Boulder, CO. on 3/27/2016

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