Quantum Cell
The best up-close protection for your cell phone, tablet, laptop, vehicle and all other wireless or cordless devices.

Quantum Cell

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  • Cell Phone Protection:Best EMF protection for any cell phone.
  • Up-Close Protection:Specifically for up-close exposure to your cell phone.
  • For Wireless Devices:Can also be used on any wireless device, for EMF and WiFi protection.
  • Use on Battery-Operated Devices:Can also be used on cordless phones, power tools, and battery-operated devices.
  • Safe for Children:Use on your child's cell phone, tablet, and wireless gaming devices.
  • Easy to Install:Slide it between your phone and case, or adhere it to the back.
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EarthCalm Quantum Cell:
Best EMF Protection for the up-close exposure of your cell phone and other wireless devices. The EarthCalm Quantum Cell works on any wireless device, any size, even if you use a protective case. Works by transmuting hazardous EMFs into a beneficial field of protection.

1 x 2 inches
Thickness is about 1mm, which is thin enough to slide between your phone and protective case.
High quality materials, built to last for years.
Easily transferred to your next new wireless device.
Adhesive backing optional.

Customers report feeling:
  • More alert
  • More energy
  • Greater stamina
  • Grounded
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less fatigue
  • Sense of well-being and calm
  • Normalized heart rate

Olympic Medalist for EarthCalmOlympic Medalist, Catherine Garceau:
"I used to get easily aggravated and stressed, when using my cell phone. It's amazing how much more grounded I feel, now that I've been using my Quantum Cell on my phone. I'm very excited to have found EarthCalm!

EarthCalm 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
EarthCalm 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: 
EarthCalm 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: EarthCalm promises to refund the product price minus shipping, for any reason, if the customer returns the product(s) within 90 days of the order date, by following EarthCalm’s Instructions for Return. The product(s) must be in original condition, shipped back to EarthCalm at the customer’s expense. All returns must be post-marked within 90 days of the purchase date. GUARANTEE DOES NOT APPLY TO THE PURCHASE OF DISCONTINUED ITEMS.

EarthCalm Research Glen Rein
Research on the Quantum Cell:
Glen Rein, PhD, Quantum Biology Research:
This study tested the effects of cell phone radiation on human DNA, both with and without the Quantum Cell attached to the phone, and found the Quantum Cell to completely reverse the harmful effects of cell phone radiation on the DNA. Using an iPhone, in both standby and receiving modes, the study showed that when a Quantum Cell was attached to the phone, the radiation no longer inhibited the electrical conductivity of DNA, as it had without the Quantum Cell, indicating a complete and statistically-significant reversal of the harmful effect of the cell phone. The results also indicated that placing the Quantum Cell on the cell phone, in standby mode, not only brought conductivity values back to control values, but further increased them by nearly 40% above normal. View the full report here.

Research Image Lisa Tully
Lisa Tully, PhD, The Energy Medicine Research Institute:
Lisa Tully received her PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Tully is the founder of the Energy Medicine Research Institute (EMRI), whose primary mission is to assess the efficacy and validity of vibrational medicine technologies through clinical trials. She is well published in peer-reviewed medical journals and presents her research at international scientific conferences. Dr. Tully conducted a 2-part study on the effects of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield.
"Results of this study indicate that the EarthCalm Quantum Cell produces a less stressed (as measured by HRV) and thus healthier state when using a cell phone. All subjects experienced a full or partial reversal of the negative effects of cell phone EMR. These results are a dramatic demonstration of the ability of Earthcalm Quantum Cell to eliminate the harmful effects of cell phone exposure. In addition, it appears that the EarthCalm Quantum Cell may have a protective effect on the nervous system and thus health when using a cell phone."

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