Sanctuary Sterling Silver Pendant or Anklet
Available in 2 pendant sizes or anklet.

Sanctuary Sterling Silver Pendant or Anklet

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  • Layered Protection:Safe and effective. Can be used with all other EarthCalm products.
  • Out-and-About Protection:Excellent protection while out and about in the world.
  • Wearable:Beautifully handcrafted from high quality sterling silver. Wear it 24/7.
  • Sanctuary 2 Technology:EarthCalm's highest level of wearable protection.

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Sanctuary is EarthCalm's highest level of wearable protection. Beautifully handcrafted from high quality sterling silver. WATERPROOF. Provides 24/7 out-and-about protection. Contains powerful EarthCalm technology (inserted into the body of the pendant), which grounds you to the earth's natural electromagnetic field, thereby protecting you from the effects of manmade EMFs from both wireless and electrical sources.


Traditional (Large Pendant):
Pendant length: 2"
Chain length: 24" (insulator included)
Optional nylon cord length: 24" (insulator not required)

Comet (Small Pendant):
Pendant length: 1 1/4"
Chain length: 18"  (insulator included)
Optional nylon cord length: 24" (insulator not required)

Pendant length: 1 3/8"
Adjustable chain length to: 11 1/4"

What People Report with Sanctuary Wearables:
Greater Relaxation
Sense of well-being
Greater Mental Performance
Lack of WiFi 
Deeper Sleep
Less Stress

EarthCalm EMF Protection Technology:
Only EarthCalm Sanctuary products contain both of our revolutionary technologies: Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT) and Sanctuary 2. No other product on the market offers this powerful protection. Proprietary geometric circuits mirror the structure of the earth’s natural electromagnetic field to amplify your resonance with the earth, thus giving you the ultimate EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Wearable 24/7:
High quality materials, built to last for years. Durable and waterproof. It is highly recommended that you wear it while you are sleeping, which is when your body heals and regenerates. If you choose not to wear it at night, we recommend using the EarthCalm Lunar Shield, which also improves sleep quality.

"I have tried many other EMF-related products, for personal, home and cell phone protection, including ones that plug into the wall. Your products are totally different. THEY WORK. And they're not charged with energy, the way some other products are, so they will never 'run out'." -Olivia Worthy, LVN, TX

Why wear EMF protection?
Man-made electromagnetic radiation pulls you out of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, the natural home for your body. It disrupts the functioning of your cells and DNA. This can cause a number of different health problems, such as chronic headaches, a weakened immune system, and sleep & digestive disorders.

Combines EarthCalm's two revolutionary technologies:

EarthCalm Mirror Resonance Technology:
All EarthCalm products contain Mirror Resonance Technology which is based on over 25 years of meticulous trial and error experimentation. Mirror Resonance Technology amplifies resonance with the Schumann Resonance (Earth’s natural electromagnetic field). This ongoing, embracing field sustains, heals and activates the deepest potentials of your nervous system. Mirror Resonance Technology consists of handmade miniaturized circuits/antenna that mirror and, like an FM antennae on your radio, amplify your ability to receive and be healed by the living presence of the earth.

EarthCalm Sanctuary 2 Technology:
In addition to Mirror Resonance Technology, all Sanctuary products also contain Sanctuary 2, which creates an additional protective zone around the wearer. Sanctuary 2 utilizes the principles of an electromagnetic transformer to create a voltage fence around the wearer that offers maximum personal protection and gives enhanced energy, strength and endurance. This secondary EarthCalm technology is only available with the Sanctuary Sterling Silver Jewelry, the Sanctuary Band, or in the combination of the LunarShield with an Infinity Home System.

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