Ultimate EMF Protection Pack - Save 10%
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Ultimate EMF Protection Pack - Save 10%

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  • Out-and-About Protection:EMF & WiFi protection while out and about in the world.
  • Layered Protection:Works with all EarthCalm products for added protection.
  • Wearable:Wearable EMF protection. Waterproof. Can be worn 24-7.
  • Whole Home Protection:One Infinity Home System protects everyone in your home.
  • CUSTOM SIZING AVAILABLE::There is an additional non-refundable $50 charge for each Custom Band. To determine the appropriate length, measure around your wrist or ankle, and add a half-inch. Minimum length is 6 inches. Maximum length is 20 inches.

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Infinity Home EMF Protection System:
COMES WITH PLUG ADAPTERS, SO IT CAN BE USED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. One system protects everyone in your home, from EMFs & WiFi generated by all of your home's plugged-in appliances and electronics, which includes your wireless router and your smart meter. Your home's appliances and electronics can put great stress on your Immune and Nervous Systems. EarthCalm EMF protection relieves this stress, allowing for deep relaxation and healing, which also enhances your ability to concentrate and think clearly.

Easy to Install: Select one of the 4 adapter options, whichever is specific to your region. Simply plug Phase 1 into the base unit, and then plug the base unit into any outlet in your home. After everyone in your home has adjusted* to Phase 1, wait 3 days. Then, add in Phase 2. Repeat this process on all Phases. When all 4 Phases are plugged into the base unit, the EarthCalm Infinity Home System is working at full strength.

*People who are EMF-sensitive may experience detox symptoms while working through the 4 Phases (i.e., headaches, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, etc). These symptoms usually only last a few moments, but can last for hours or days, in the case of extreme EMF sensitivity. In those cases, simply spend more time at each level, and it is okay to remove a level, to drop down to the prior level for a while. Go at your own pace, at your own comfort level. And if you have any questions about your experience, simply call EarthCalm Customer Service at 800-474-2584.

"I have tried many other EMF-related products, for personal, home and cell phone protection, including ones that plug into the wall. Your products are totally different. THEY WORK. And they're not charged with energy, the way some other products are, so they will never 'run out'." -Olivia Worthy, LVN, TX

Why wear EMF protection?
Man-made electromagnetic radiation pulls you out of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, the natural home for your body. It disrupts the functioning of your cells and DNA. This can cause a number of different health problems, such as chronic headaches, a weakened immune system, and sleep & digestive disorders.

Sanctuary Bands:
EarthCalm EMF Protection bands protect you from these disorders and help you stay healthy, grounded, alert, and filled with energy. The Sanctuary Band is EarthCalm's highest level of wearable EMF protection. It is handcrafted in the USA, using soft, colorfast para-cord, brass and stainless rivets, and a durable hard plastic snap buckle, and it can be comfortably worn on the wrist or ankle.

Available in 3 regular sizes:
S: 6.5 inches
M: 7.5 inches
L: 8.5 inches

MEASURE YOUR WRIST. The Sanctuary Band is NOT adjustable.
Custom sizing also available, up to 20  inches. Please note, there is a $50 nonrefundable fee for any custom bands. Custom bands can take up to 2 weeks.

Care for your Sanctuary Band:
Easy to clean, using mild soap and water. Bands are waterproof, but we do not suggest putting them in your washer or dryer!
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Not suitable for children under the age of 3, as it contains batteries and other small parts.
EarthCalm Mirror Resonance Technology:
All EarthCalm products contain Mirror Resonance Technology which is based on over 25 years of meticulous trial and error experimentation. Mirror Resonance Technology amplifies resonance with the Schumann Resonance (Earth’s natural electromagnetic field). This ongoing, embracing field sustains, heals and activates the deepest potentials of your nervous system. Mirror Resonance Technology consists of hundreds of handmade miniaturized circuits or antenna that mirror and, like an FM antennae on your radio, amplify our ability to receive and be healed by the living presence of the earth.

EarthCalm Sanctuary 2 Technology:
In addition to Mirror Resonance Technology, the Sanctuary Bands also contain Sanctuary 2, which creates an additional protective zone around the wearer. Sanctuary 2 utilizes the principles of an electromagnetic transformer to create a voltage fence around the wearer that offers maximum personal protection and gives enhanced energy, strength and endurance.

EarthCalm customers report:
  • Relief from chronic headaches and migraines
  • Blood pressure normalized
  • Improved memory
  • Relief from depression & chronic anxiety
  • Relief from Tinnitus
  • Relief from Asthma symptoms
  • Improved sleep
  • fewer colds and flus
  • enhanced alertness
  • sounder sleep
  • increased energy
  • a sense of greater calm & well-being
  • hyperactive and Autistic children are calmer, more focused

EarthCalm Quantum Cell:
Best EMF Protection for the up-close exposure of your cell phone and other wireless devices. The EarthCalm Quantum Cell works on any wireless device, any size, even if you use a protective case. Works by transmuting hazardous EMFs into a beneficial field of protection. Buy more and save.

1 x 2 inches
Thin enough to slide between your phone and protective case.
High quality materials, built to last for years.
Easily transferred to your next new wireless device.
Adhesive backing optional.

Olympic Medalist for EarthCalmOlympic Medalist, Catherine Garceau:
"I used to get easily aggravated and stressed, when using my cell phone. It's amazing how much more grounded I feel, now that I've been using my Quantum Cell on my phone. I'm very excited to have found EarthCalm!"


Get deep, restorative sleep, and extra EMF protection around your bed, with the EarthCalm LunarShield. With 30ft of usable cord to wrap around any size bed or chair, the LunarShield helps you rest, so that your body can heal and restore itself!

The LunarShield works in synergy with any version of the Home EMF Protection System. Order them together, and save 10%!

woman sleeping200The combination of the Infninity Home System and LunarShield will help you get deep restorative sleep that will boost your immune system and help you feel more refreshed and energetic when you wake up.

DID YOU KNOW... You can also use it in other areas in your home! Wrap the LunarShield around any area in your home you spend a lot of time in—such as an easy chair, desk or meditation area—and get extra support during the day, as well.

There is a military radar tower and also 5 radio transmission towers near my home.  Although they are about a mile away, the towers have always given me a heavy feeling in the head during sleep. But this has vanished since I installed the Lunar Shield.  Sleep has been deeper and comes more easily.  -Jeff Yeo, Singapore

My fiancé used to have horrible night terrors. He would tell me stories of his nightmares, thrash violently and sleep walk out of the house. Since using the LunarShield, he has gotten better. All sleeping disorders have subsided and we now have peaceful sleep together. Thank you so much!  -B. Nottenkamper and J. Jordan, “the Sheep Counters”

EarthCalm 90 Day Money Back Guarantee90-Day Money Back Guarantee:
You can return these products anytime within the first 90 days, no questions asked, for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling.

EarthCalm Product Testing Research Dr Glen Rein Scientific Research and Testing:
A new study has been completed on the  Infinity Home System by Glen Rein PhD of Quantum Biology Research. Dr. Rein tested the effects of home electricity and microwave radiation (from a smart meter and wireless router) on human DNA, both with and without the EarthCalm Infinity Home System installed. Research results showed that the Infinity Home System completely reversed the harmful effects of radiation on human DNA. Read full report.

Customer Comments:
“I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was to feel the pain, the depression, the anxiety and nervousness, the mental fog just being drawn downward out of my mind and body.” T. Jacobson, MN

“My health has been transformed since the day I plugged it into my home. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and could feel an energy shift in my body as soon as I plugged it in. I am sleeping soundly with an elevated mood and lots of energy now without any effort.” Nicki Noyes, California
No matter what your life looks like, we've got you covered!
Get the best EMF protection from EarthCalm.
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Choose EarthCalm EMF Protection for:
    • Your entire home, including wireless routers & smart meters
    • Up-close exposure to cell phones & wireless devices, including laptops, tablets, handheld gaming devices & cordless phones
    • Your vehicle (even if it's an 18-wheeler)
    • EMFs & WiFi in public places, cell towers & other people's devices
    • Children & Pets
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