5G: “Flying Blind”
There is a big problem right now when we go to talk about 5G, and that is the fact that nobody currently knows what the true health implications of this new technology will be. Human beings have never been exposed to the “millimeter waves” 5G utilizes on such a broadscale, and no one knows what the long-term implications will be. Many independent studies already do exist in the science world, however, that have clearly established points of specific harm when it comes to millimeter waves. Despite this fact, no conclusive testing (with all points considered) has been proposed or required of 5G before it’s roll-out. The wireless industry itself has acknowledged that they have not tested 5G for either short or long-term safety, and they have also admitted that they don’t plan to. What we have, therefore, is a technology set to be applied to every street corner in every city, town and country around the world in which we still know very little about in regard to the human health impact, let alone the impact on the environment itself. 

Check out this senate hearing in which wireless company representatives admit that they are clueless when it comes to the potential danger of 5G. This is a great one to share for public awareness!

5G “Millimeter Waves” 
There are some key issues that scientists are voicing concern over when it comes to large-scale use of 5G millimeter waves. The lack of solid research is, of course, one of the biggest, but that concern also comes with a long list of reasons for why they feel more studies should be imminent. At the top of this list is the high absorption rate that is characteristic of millimeter waves. The waves are easily absorbed by things like buildings and trees, which is why 5G “small cell” units will need to be placed every 300 to 500 feet. This is of great concern because, of course, human beings will also be absorbing these powerful waves. What scientists have found so far is that millimeter waves are heavily absorbed into the first 1 to 2 millimeters of human skin, as well as in the surface layers of the cornea. Since skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, they say that it is highly likely that the nervous system, among many other things, will be heavily affected. 

 While studies have been inconsistent due to the complexity of testing parameters (i.e. power density, duration of exposures, tissue and cell type, etc.), scientists across the globe have independently identified many potential hazards presented by millimeter wave absorption. These include things like cell death, suppressed cell proliferation, alteration of the functional properties of membranes, activation of the immune system, development of hypersensitivity to man-made frequencies, and the list goes on. 

Another added complexity that is causing apprehension in the science world is the fact that nobody has had the chance to study what the combined effect of mass exposure to both millimeter waves, and the already broadly used “microwave” frequencies will be. Microwave radiation is produced by things like cell towers, cell phones, and everything wireless, and they will continue to be used simultaneously with 5G. Scientists worry that there is danger of an interactive effect on top of the hazards we are facing with each independently. 

 All combined, it’s not surprising that 5G has become the center of a blazing world-wide debate. It has become very important to pay attention to what the experts in the field are saying, because this circumstance certainly concerns every one of us. If you are interested in understanding the specifics around what is currently known (and not known) about 5G millimeter waves, please read this incredibly informative article provided by Dr. Joel Moskowitz. READ ARTICLE HERE.

5G and EarthCalm EMF Protection 
The limited amount of solid information currently established around 5G makes it impossible for us to know how EarthCalm products will stand up to the intensity of its radiation output. EarthCalm technology helps the human body to maintain health inside of an unnatural electromagnetic environment, but there is no measurement available to understand how far this extends. Currently, the best advice we can give is this: Do not install 5G in your home, do not use 5G capable devices, and try to reduce your current EMF exposure levels as much as possible. Alongside these measures, we recommend that everyone use EMF protection products. 5G will inevitably cause an extreme increase of radiation exposure that will be outside of personal control, so we should all take every precaution possible.