A Godsend for Electrosensitive People: The EarthCalm Quantum Cell
Why Use a Quantum Cell?
Jean Gallick, EarthCalm’s owner-inventor, may be one of the most electrosensitive people around. From childhood on, not yet knowing about electrosensitivity, she seemed to be sensitive to almost everything around her. She had constant headaches, digestive problems, and a myriad of other health symptoms. Yet now, she never goes anywhere without her cell phone. She carries it either in a pocket or around her neck, and places it close by at night when she sleeps. How can she do this? Most electrosensitive people can’t be around cell phones for very long, if at all.

The answer is simple: Jean has an EarthCalm Quantum Cell on her cell phone. Life has been so much easier for her, since she created this product. She too, at one time, couldn’t go near a cell phone.

Enhanced Relief from Surrounding EMFs
Jean has found that the Quantum Cell gives her relief, not only from cell phone radiation, but from the greater field of EMFs, coming from all the other sources in the environment around her, as well. She finds her head is clearer, and she feels both more alert and calmer when she has her cell phone, with the attached Quantum Cell, near her.

When EarthCalm first came out with the Quantum Cell, we knew this was true for Jean (and a few other electrosensitive people who had tried the product), but we waited to see what we’d hear from our customers. Many people, dealing with electrosensitivity, have since contacted us to tell us their experience.

Maria D. in CA has this to say:
“I have the Quantum Cell device on my cell phone and I keep it on me now at all times. I do this because one day I went to town without my cell phone. While in town, I started getting a headache and just figured it was from the stress of driving in heavy traffic and shopping in crowded stores. But when I got home and settled down from a day out, I noticed my headache was gone. So as not to assume this was just the lack of stress, I repeated going out to stores and traffic two more times—but without my cell phone. And each time, within 10 minutes, my headache would return. Then as soon as I got home, it would go away again. Then I repeated this experiment with my cell phone on me—and no headache!”

Other Testimonials about the Quantum Cell:
“I had never been able to even pick up a cell phone before, but now with the Quantum Cell, I can finally use one!” Amy F., IA

“I have noticed that I don’t feel exhausted after talking on my cell. Your quantum cell really works!” Gloria N., Paradise, CA

“I used to have a slight headache after talking on my cell phone. I notice now with the Quantum Cell, that headache is completely gone. Amazing.” Bill S., Chico, CA

EarthCalm Quantum Cell:
Dealing with electrosensitivity is no picnic, especially if you’re involved in daily activities using the latest technological devices. Cell phones, in particular, seem to be a must these days. Attaching a Quantum Cell to your phone can really make a difference! The EarthCalm Quantum cell transforms hazardous EMFs from your phone into a protective field around you. 

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