Are EMFs Causing Your Child's Memory Loss?
We tend to think that memory loss is a condition that can only affect adults. It’s hard to imagine a young child finding it difficult to remember things that just happened, but it does happen. There are reports of children having memory problems more and more often these days.

It’s sometimes difficult to determine if a child actually has memory loss, or if it’s just a temporary phase, a lack of attention, or an attitude issue that will pass. Often children don’t even realize they’re having a problem remembering things, so it’s up to parents and teachers to be alert to it.

EMF Exposure: An Overlooked Cause of Memory Loss in Your Child
EMF exposure can cause memory loss. A fact not well-known or understood is that many children today are electrosensitive: they are hyper-sensitive to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) coming from electrical and wireless devices. Today, with WiFi at home and at school, cell towers everywhere, cells phones, laptops, and wireless games, children are constantly exposed to EMFs. Children who are electrosensitive often experience a number of health effects that many doctors simply don’t understand, including loss of memory. 

Electrosensitivity Symptoms
One way to easily determine if your child is electrosensitive is to look for other symptoms, as well as memory loss, such as:
Digestive Disorders
Sleep Problems

Experts agree that children are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation than adults because their nervous systems and brains are still developing.

Reducing EMFs for Your Child
It is virtually impossible to create an environment for your child without WiFi, cell phones, and cell towers in this day and age, however, there are significant steps you can take in reducing exposure. Keeping all electronic devices, especially those that emit WiFi, either off or in airplane mode is extremely helpful. Never let your child hold a cell phone (or cordless phone) directly to their ear; speakerphone and wired headphones are good ways to have phone conversations. Turn off the WiFi and unplug your router at night while sleeping. Unplug all your household appliances when not in use. Another helpful way to protect your children (and yourself too!) is to get good EMF protection. 

EarthCalm EMF Protection
EarthCalm has provided EMF protection worldwide for over 30 years. If you have a very young child, we suggest the Infinity Home System as the first defense against EMFs. One Home System will help protect everyone in your home from harmful EMFs. For children ages 3 and up, our Nova Resonator Child Bands are great. They are durable, waterproof, and can be worn 24/7 – perfect for active little lives. 


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