Child Health Problems Increase:  What to Do?
Child Health Problems Increase:  What to Do?
Child health problems are on the rise. New childhood epidemics are exploding all around us, and doctors and scientists are trying to gain a clear understanding as to why. These include things like Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and allergies, all of which have risen dramatically in the last two decades.

Why are these New Epidemics Occurring?
According to Kenneth Bock, MD., author of Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma & Allergies [VIEW], these diseases (which he refers to as the “4 A’s”) are tied together by a similar mechanism: an underlying genetic vulnerability, triggered by environmental stressors.

Genetic Vulnerability
The genetic vulnerability involved in the 4-A diseases is an impaired ability to detoxify. In other words, the body has difficulty eliminating toxins. With increasing toxicity occurring daily in the environment, this is a significant vulnerability. Chemicals and heavy metals lead the list of toxins that are the most difficult for someone, with an impaired ability, to get rid of. Of the heavy metals, mercury and lead are the worst.

The Role of Mercury in the New Epidemics
Mercury causes huge problems in both the nervous system and the immune system. Research shows that low dose mercury toxicity leads to many issues, such as:
Deficits in language, memory, and attention
Disruption of fine motor function
Immune deficiency
Atopic eczema
Behavioral problems
Allergies and sensitivities to foods & inhalants

EMF Exposure
Something that doctors sometimes miss, is the role that EMFs (electromagnetic fields) play in children’s health problems, especially in the diseases included in the new childhood epidemics. Research shows that EMFs in the body help to lock in toxins, preventing the body from eliminating them.

Two important studies have been conducted correlating EMF exposure with autism, in particular. However, the results of these studies can also shed light on ADHD, asthma, and allergies, as well, because of the similar mechanism they all involve: an underlying genetic vulnerability, triggered by environmental stresses.

In 2007, Tamara Mariera and George Carlo conducted a study to assess the role of EMFs from wireless devices in the etiology and treatment of autism. The findings of this study suggest a significant role of EMFs in both the etiology and the impeded efficacy of therapeutic interventions.

A second study was conducted by Dietrich Klinghardt, director of the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology in Seattle. The study strongly suggests that the electromagnetic environment in the sleeping area of the mother during pregnancy, as well as that in the sleeping environment of the children, may be contributing, if not causal, factors in neurological impairments in children, including autism. [VIEW]

Treatment for Diseases in the New Epidemics
Of course, if you can avoid some of the obvious causes of child health problems and keep your home as EMF-free as possible, you can hopefully help prevent illnesses from developing in your child to begin with. However, if your child is already suffering from one of the 4-A diseases, the good news is there are still some important measures you can take to assist your child.

Dietary Modification
According to experts, all four diseases involved in the new childhood epidemics involve health problems with the gut. This may seem surprising when two of these diseases seem to have so much to do with the brain. According to Stephen Cowan, MD, of Westchester, NY, the gut and the brain are not two separate things—they are interconnected.

Most children with the 4-A diseases suffer from such gut conditions as hypoglycemia, carbohydrate intolerance, systemic candidiasis, and intestinal hyperpermeability (“leaky gut”). They also often have allergies and sensitivities that negatively affect the way they feel and think. All these can stem from significant nutritional deficiencies and poor food choices.

Gluten and Dairy Intolerance
Gluten, the main protein in wheat and certain other grains, trigger immune reactions, increases symptoms of systemic candidiasis (irritability, mood swings, brain fog, rashes, weight gain, among many others), and causes allergic reactions. Casein is a peptide found in all dairy products. When broken down in the gut, it creates a drugged effect, as well as numerous allergic reactions.

Children in all the 4-A disease groups generally respond well to the Gluten and Casein free (GFCF) diet. The Specific Carb (SVD) diet is also helpful for some. There are also a variety of alternatives to both gluten and dairy products you can find. Dairy replacements include rice, soy, hemp and coconut milk products. Wheat-free and gluten-free products are also available in all health food stores.

Glucose Intolerance
Most educated and concerned parents these days know that foods high in sugar are not healthy for their children. Glucose is one of the worst forms of sugar. It is sometimes overlooked because it is in so many foods—especially in all processed foods, sodas, juices, ketchup—and even in some brands of yogurt. Glucose directly feeds yeast, which contributes to gut issues and mood swings. Important to note is that mercury is used to create glucose. And, as you may have discovered yourself, like all sugars, glucose is also addictive.

Go Organic
Feeding your children organic food will really pay off. Aside from the hormones and antibiotics found in most non-organic chickens, there are also traces of arsenic in many. Most large fish are filled with traces of mercury, although the fish in health food stores generally have less. Non-organic produce always contains traces of pesticides, full of all kinds of chemicals and hard metals. If your child has health problems, feeding him or her organic food will assure you that you’re at least not adding more toxins that cannot be eliminated by your child’s body.

Nutritional Supplementation and Detoxification
There’s much you can do, to help your children’s symptoms, with nutritional supplements for building their immune system, and also to assist their bodies to detoxify. It’s important to have your doctor or health practitioner help you decide what is best, but generally, the following supplements will help build your child’s immunity: magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, iron, and anti-oxidant vitamins, A, C & E, and also B & B6. For detoxification, Gluthathione and Methyl Cobalamin are effective.

Decreasing EMF Exposure
The final thing you can do to assist your child—and possibly even eliminate health problems altogether—is get EMF protection for your home. Since research shows that EMFs help to lock in toxins and prevent the body from eliminating them, it makes sense to do what you can reduce their hazardous effects.

It’s difficult, in today’s world, to eliminate EMFs in your home, or in your child’s life in general, but you can get protection. EarthCalm develops EMF protection products that can keep your whole family safe from EMFs, and also a Child Band that your child can wear to school, and anywhere else he or she goes. Parents, who have children with the new epidemic diseases, have reported positive results in their children’s symptoms when using EarthCalm products.

Keeping Your Child Free of Health Problems
Keeping your child free of health problems, especially if he or she suffers from one of the new childhood epidemics, is sometimes a full-time job. Knowing what you can do to help can be empowering. Changing diet and keeping your home EMF-safe are two important measures in preventing child health problems.


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