Children with Stress & Anxiety: Some Overlooked Causes
Are electromagnetic fields to blame?
Childhood stress is an epidemic. As parents, it’s painful to see our children with stress symptoms: tired, agitated, and unhappy. It’s not always simple to find the reason. Research has been surfacing indicating that electromagnetic radiation can be a contributing factor. The following points can be helpful when beginning to assess your child's exposure to man-made radiation.

1) Awareness: The greatest sources of childhood stress are not always the most obvious.
Take note of changes in your child’s behavior. Holidays are great times for children, but stress overload can be part of the package. Changes in diet, activities, excitement, and expectations all produce stress responses. Children pick up the tension from adults around them. Awareness of your child’s individual tolerance level- and stress points- is really your best tool.

As parents, we know that children are especially sensitive to their environment. Electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) generated by TVs, computers, game stations, cell phones, etc., are emerging as potential causes of childhood illnesses because of the stress put on the immune system. The risk factor of EMFs, and children’s extended exposure to them, is a sobering question. But first, just take note of the amount of time your child spends with such devices.

2) Evaluation: The larger environment counts. 
Once you're aware of the potential effects of your child's electronic and Wi-Fi exposure, you're sensitized to EMFs in the larger environment. For example, stores with huge electronics displays, a gymnastics class near a cell tower, a trip in a car with Wi-Fi navigation, and cell phone use… these types of exposures can all impact children. In other words, stress symptoms aren’t always caused by the long busy day or the activities that filled it, but by the environment in which the day was spent.

3) Prudent action: Not overreaction or inaction.
The electronic age is truly a marvel filled with fun, education, and convenience- it’s a fact of modern life. Moving backward isn’t the answer, but a child’s nervous system is still developing and has fewer defenses. Electromagnetic fields have an impact. Monitor your child’s responses, especially when children are overly tired or stimulated. Cut back on the EMFs in their living space and consider removing all electronics from the sleeping area. Many parents find that EMF protection for the home helps their children with stress and boosts their overall health.

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