Coupons & Discounts FAQ

How do I get a discount on my order? 

1) EarthCalm offers an ongoing Bundle & Save discount, where you get 10% off the purchase of an Infinity Home System plus select products.

2) We always have some kind of sale happening, sometimes on specific products, and sometimes up to 25% off your entire order! EarthCalm coupon codes are only available directly from us via newsletter email, Facebook and/or Twitter. 

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How do I apply a coupon code to my order?

1. Sign in, or create a new account.

2. Add products to your cart.

3. Enter the coupon code into the ‘Apply Coupon’ field, and click on ‘APPLY’.

4. Check out.

Can EarthCalm let me know ahead of time what coupons are coming up?

No, EarthCalm does not provide coupon code information before they drop online, for everyone to see.

Can I use a coupon code over the phone?

No, they are only good for online orders.

Can I use an expired coupon code? 

No, but EarthCalm frequently releases new coupon codes, so just keep an eye out for the next sale!

Why isn't my coupon code working? 

Here are a few points to remember: 

1) You must be signed into your customer account to apply a coupon code. 

2) Genuine EarthCalm coupon codes are ONLY available directly from us, via our newsletters and emails or our Facebook and Twitter pages. Beware of websites offering fake coupon codes, which will not work in our system. 

3) Read the coupon! Some coupons pertain to entire orders, while others pertain to certain products.

4) Most coupons cannot be combined with other discounts. 

Will EarthCalm retroactively apply a coupon code, after I place my order?

No, but you can request an order be cancelled (if it has not yet been shipped), and then you can place a new order with a coupon code.

If you don't see the answer to your question in FAQ, email