Dirty Electricity

What is Dirty Electricity?
"Dirty electricity" is a term used for "transient" or irregular EMF emissions. These types of emissions are created when a normalized current of electricity gets disrupted. Disruptions happen often and for a variety of different reasons, which means that emissions of dirty electricity are present in most every electrified environment. 

Is it hazardous?
Man-made EMFs are hazardous to humans in general, but dirty electricity introduces different layers and levels of erratic frequencies into our living environments, which adds considerably to the damaging nature of electrically emitted EMFs. In fact, it could very well be one of the major factors contributing to how man-made electricity makes people ill.

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Sources of Dirty Electricity
There are several sources of dirty electricity that are incredibly common. First, the buildings and homes we occupy often have either old or faulty wiring. Shorts, mis-wirings, and erosion can ultimately cause disruptions in the A/C current, creating fields of “dirty electricity”. Many of our modern-day appliances and electronics are major culprits of dirty electricity as well. In order to power properly, most devices have switching power supplies that convert standard alternating current (A/C) to direct current (D/C). This conversion process interrupts the electrical current, causing the emission of erratic EMFs, which ultimately creates many layers of frequency pollution. Additionally, there are certain electrical devices that are designed to operate by interrupting the current flow, such as electrical transformers, compact fluorescent lights, light dimmer switches, and halogen lamps. All of these contribute to transient EMF emissions as well.   

Dirty Electricity and the "Diseases of Civilization"
For decades, it was assumed that the profound rise in the incidence of disease (climbing since the early 1900s) was related to things like lifestyle, chemical pollutants, and genetics. However, as the science world has been discovering more about the harmful effects of man-made EMFs, it has become evident that widespread human exposure to this pollutant is one of the most probable culprits of modern disease. Well-known epidemiologist, Samuel Milham, has dedicated his life’s work to understanding this likely tie. In his book Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization [VIEW], he places emphasis on the corresponding timeline between the rollout of A/C electricity and the absurd surfacing and perpetuation of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, asthma, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, and anxiety. He also relates the similarities between the known effects of EMFs and the nature of many of these diseases. Mr. Milham believes that man-made electricity, in and of itself, is not the only factor at hand though; he believes that the erratic, volatile contribution of dirty electricity within our environment is also at the root of the problem.

Is there a solution?
Unfortunately, there is not a clear answer as to how to avoid dirty electricity or EMFs in general. Even for those who would be willing to eliminate every appliance and electronic they own, there will always be sources of dirty electricity, ELF, EMF, RF, and microwave radiation all around. There is, however, a way to diminish the hazardous effects of man-made EMFs which can be found in the use of EMF protection. At EarthCalm, we are dedicated to developing some of the most powerful EMF protection products available!