Don’t Wear Your Cell Phone in your Bra!
It’s so convenient to just tuck your cell phone into your bra while exercising or enjoying a night out, that we women don’t give it much thought. Unfortunately, breasts (especially those of younger women) are even more susceptible to cell phone radiation than other parts of the body. More and more women these days are developing breast cancer and cell phone radiation may be a culprit. 

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers
Most doctors and surgeons still aren't making the connection between breast cancer and cell phone radiation, but two women have recently brought this connection to the attention of medical professionals. Both women were diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have mastectomies.  

At the age of 39, Donna Jayes was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors found there were no genetic predispositions or other risk factors and were puzzled—especially as Donna is Asian, and breast cancer is typically less common in women of Asian heritage. Also, breast cancer generally happens in women in their 50s and 60s.

After studying Donna’s situation closely, two cancer specialists, Robert Nagourney and John West, finally ascertained that Donna had had the habit for about 10 years of tucking her phone into her bra. They concluded that this had likely caused her breast cancer.  
“We connected the dots,” Donna said. And the dots were quite literally the pattern of the cancer and distribution of the cancerous cells: they lined up perfectly with the shape of her cell phone where she had kept it inside her bra.
Tiffany Franz, at the age 21, is another young woman who had her breast removed. She had tucked her cell phone into her bra for only 6 years, in just the same way.

Phone-Related Breast Cancer Likely Common
Breast surgeon, Lisa Bailey, has surmised that phone-related breast cancer may be common. Doctors don’t generally think about cell phone radiation being a cause. “There’s no evidence [that cell phone radiation causes breast cancer], but that’s because we haven’t studied it.”

She added that she would never wear a cell phone immediately next her body and would advise all women to do the same.
Surgeon John West concurs and stated that men are also getting breast cancer by putting phones in shirt pockets.

Even Cell Phone Manuals Give a Warning
Even though the wireless industry continues to claim that cell phones are safe to use and carry, if we look closely at the fine print in cell phone manuals, we’ll see that most of them warn us to keep the phone at least 5/8” away from the body. Independent researchers state that the 5/8” distance the industry indicates is a gross under-estimation of the safety standard that should be warned about, but it’s telling that even cell phone manuals make an indication that there may be danger in cell phone use.

Get EMF Protection
Even though it’s obviously not smart to ever wear your cell phone in your bra, you can feel more confident in having a cell phone around in general if you get EMF protection for your phone. The EarthCalm Quantum Cell is a strong EMF protection patch that fits nicely on most cell phone models. 


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