EMF Protection Devices:  Tips for the Smart Shopper
EMF Protection Devices: Where Should I Start?
Like healthy food and exercise, EMF protection just makes sense. As evidence mounts on the dangers of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs), more people turn to EMF protection devices for relief and prevention. Where do you start? Claims, differing technologies, and sales pitches can be confusing. These tips will give you confidence in your choice.

Research the Technology
It’s the technology inside that makes a protection product work. Spend time reading any available research that has been done on the product and read through any customer reviews that might be available as well. If a company values their products they will have put it through rigorous testing to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Remember, it isn’t possible just to price shop. Prices vary from $12 to $1200 or more for EMF protection devices. Quality, materials, and technology vary greatly. Many products are stamped out in a factory while others are hand crafted by technicians. If you focus on quality research as opposed to price tags, the end choice of your purchase will be about functionality as opposed to dollars and cents 

Focus on One Protection Goal at a Time
It is very easy to become overwhelmed about how many areas in our life need specific types of EMF & Wi-Fi protection. It is a good idea to focus on one goal at a time, that way your research can be very specified. If cell phone radiation is your main concern, spend some time learning about protection products specifically designed for cell phones. If you're worried about the Wi-Fi and smart meters in and around your home most, research home protection units first. If you focus on one goal at a time, you will find that EMF protection may not be as overwhelming as it can initially feel.

Know the Basics
Without any man-made electrical interference, our bodies are naturally in tune with the Earth’s frequencies. Man-made devices, using high frequency microwaves to low frequency household current, bombard us and disconnect us from the natural healing frequencies of the earth. Our bodies stay in a state of constant stress as our immune systems work overtime to fight the man-made frequencies, leaving us more susceptible to illness.

Typical EMF protection technologies attempt to solve the problem in 1 of 4 ways:
1) Block or shield
2) Neutralize
3) Emit a positive frequency
4) Re-ground the body to the Earth’s natural frequency.

It is important to understand how EMFs and microwave radiation affect your body, so that you can be informed when choosing what kind of protective approach makes sense to you.

Question the Answers
Don’t assume it’s just over your head. If it sounds like jargon, it might be meant to impress and confuse. It is usually easy to spot out companies that work around questions. It is also quite easy to identify companies that sincerely attempt to explain a sometimes-complicated science. It can also help to talk to someone in person if you have questions about what you are reading as well. In this case, see if there’s a number listed on the site and ask someone knowledgeable about the product. 

Make Sure There’s a Guarantee:
Another good thing to look for, when considering the purchase of EMF protection, is a money back guarantee that allows you plenty of time to test the product on yourself with the option to return it if it doesn't work for you. Because of the varying takes on which protection approach is most effective, purchasing can be somewhat of a gamble. Having a lengthy guarantee can give you room to make sure your choice was the right one.

Follow these simple wise shopper tips and you’ll feel confident with your EMF protection purchase decision.

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