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Whole-House EMF Protection
It was a major breakthrough when we found a way to introduce our circuitry into a building’s electrical system. Our Infinity Home System is a defense against the EMFs produced by the electrical grid itself, as well as any appliances and electronics plugged into that same grid. If you have smart meters, WiFi routers, and/or wireless devices plugged in, the Home System will provide a layer of defense against their EMF output as well. This level of protection is very important these days because our homes and offices have become some of the most electro-polluted environments that we face daily.

Plug in an Infinity Home System
The INFINITY HOME SYSTEM has been shown to reverse the harmful effects of electropollution on human DNA. Simply plug the system into any electrical outlet and it will provide powerful EMF protection throughout your entire home. (Most homes have only one electrical meter, but if you happen to have multiple, you will need one system per meter.) Everyone inside an Infinity protected space can enjoy the benefits of things like reduced cellular stress, sounder sleep, strengthened immunity, and relief from symptoms of electrosensitivity.

When you're ready, add the Infinity X!
Infinity X works in synergy with the Infinity Home System to add our strongest version of Sanctuary technology to the room where it's plugged in. The combination of the two products creates a powerful defense against both electrical EMFs, and man-made radiation from things like WiFi and cell phones. Remember, it's MUCH easier to get through the product adaptation of the INFINITY X if you have already adapted to the 4 phases of the Infinity Home System.

One of the best things about Infinity X is that it's portable. You can plug it in near the bed in your hotel room for a well-rested vacation, and, if you have a good quality inverter, you can even plug it into your vehicle when you're on the move!

Take an Infinity to work too!
Both the INFINITY HOME SYSTEM and the INFINITY X can be plugged into any building - not just a home! If you are concerned about the amount of electropollution you are being exposed to at work, for example, consider asking your co-workers how they would feel about introducing EMF protection into your workplace. JUST REMEMBER, people have varying levels of electrosensitivity, so it’s important to ask permission before installing this product. Be sure to explain the benefits, and move through the four phases of the Infinity Home System slowly so that everyone can adapt comfortably.

Research on the Infinity Home System
1. Complete Reversal of the Harmful Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human DNA
by Glen Rein PhD., of Quantum Biology Research, January 2015

A new study has been completed on the EarthCalm EMF Infinity Home Protection System by Glen Rein PhD of Quantum Biology Research. Dr. Rein tested the effects of 60 Hz fields generated by the wiring in a typical home. He found that the home wiring generated an EMF field that reduced the conductivity of human DNA thus indicating a hazardous interaction. Installation of the EarthCalm Infinity completely reversed this interaction. Dr. Rein then tested a home with a smart meter and another home with a wireless router. Installation of the EarthCalm Infinity again not only reversed the interaction between human DNA and the electrical wiring but also reversed the interaction between the microwave fields generated by these devices and human DNA.

2. Test Report and Opinion on Physical and Biological Effects of EarthCalm Infinity EMF Protection Products
by Walter Hannes Medinger, M.Sc., PhD., June 15, 2012, International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Austria

3. Quality of Life Research Testing of the EarthCalm Infinity Home EMF Protection System
by Grace Galzagorry, RN MS NP

Take one symptom — such as headaches, digestive problems, or insomnia — and test the Infinity Home System for 90 days, and experience the difference. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money back, no questions asked.
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