EarthCalm 4PAWS EMF Protection Pet Collar Reviews

Reviews: EarthCalm 4PAWS EMF Protection Pet Collar

Since I put a 4Paws Pet Protector collar on my dog Star, he’s been showing large improvement in his energy, posture, gait and reaction to loud sounds. He looks more vital and more like a puppy, than his 15+ years. He is more balanced and stable on his back legs and walks and runs faster. He was previously weaving side to to side as he moved and is now moving directly forward. As he continues to rejuvenate, I’m certain Star will soon start raising his leg to pee, which he hasn’t done since his crippling incident in January 2013. He was calm throughout the city-wide fireworks that took place last night and tonight, and which continued for many hours. It was a dramatic change from previous times, when he remained anxious for hours later, even with the support of calming remedies. 

He has also stopped snoring.  I don’t know his history prior to my adopting him about 16 years ago, but he has stopped flinching when I reach to pet him and barking defensively when anyone (other than me) moved suddenly or reached to pet him. The changes in Star are awesome dramatic proof of the healing benefits of your invention.

Many thanks to you Jean.

Liala E., Canada

I gave the 4PAWS Pet Protector to a friend who has a 1-year-old very hyper male Alaskan Husky. He had been driving everyone nuts.   They put on the 4PAWS and instantly it was like they had a new dog.  He has been so calm and a joy to have in the house.  They ordered the Home EMF Protection System right away….. for themselves.

Stephen  S., MI