Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT)
All EarthCalm products contain our revolutionary Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT). MRT is based on precise placements of mirroring and oscillating circuits. These circuits act as antennae, and they use outside sources of power to produce and amplify natural, resonant energy within an environment. When this form of energy is made more available to our bodies, we are able to establish physical resonance with it, diminishing the hazardous effects of man-made EMFs.

What is Resonance?
Resonance is created when one frequency increases or decreases to come into rest with another frequency. Once this form of resonance is established, energy can be shared between one vibrating system to another. MRT strengthens the resonance between a person's nervous system and the earth's natural vibrations. Establishing this natural resonance allows for physical restoration, and in turn, the harmful effects of microwave radiation can be reduced.

Laboratory Tested: Electromagnetic radiation slows the conductivity of human DNA. Lab tests have proven that MRT completely reverses this negative effect, and actually increases the conductivity of human DNA.

Three Primary Components of MRT
The following is an overview of how Mirror Resonance Technology works. Please note that since our circuitry is proprietary, we cannot offer a complete description of our circuit layouts, but we can certainly explain the fundamentals of how our products are able to protect.
1) The Oscillating Circuit: MRT begins with the oscillating circuit. Oscillating circuits have the capacity to produce their own form of energy, as opposed to other types of circuits, which are simply conductors to an outside source of energy. This quality is known as self-inductance, and in this case, it is made possible because the circuit is shaped as a spiral, or coil. The oscillating circuit also acts as a condenser, owing to the material it is fashioned from, which means that it has the capacity for amplification. Because of these factors, when an electric or magnetic shock (whether natural or man-made) acts upon this circuit, it gives rise to a series of its own oscillations, which can rhythmically go on forever. Any source of energy that the circuit is therefore exposed to, activates it into production. 
The oscillating circuit is exceptional in the sense that the oscillations produced by it are tuned to a natural force available all throughout the earth's environment. We refer to this form of energy as "the earth's natural resonance" or "Scalar Energy." The phenomenon of the oscillating circuit was established by Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky in the early 1900s. Lakhovsky was able to show an effect-based demonstration of how a coiled copper circuit produced this form of energy, and he used this circuit to heal people of illness and disease. Through this, Lakohvsky was able to prove the importance of natural electromagnetic resonance in relation to the human body.
Resonant energy is believed to be a product of the interaction of the "penetrating waves" entering Earth's atmosphere from our solar system, and the earth's own electromagnetic force, which is now termed the "Schumann Resonance." It has also been thought of as "ether" itself. Great thinkers of our time, including Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, have theorized over this radiant form of energy, and they referred to it as "Zero-point," and "Scalar" energy. They were, however, unable to ascertain how to measure it, because it exists outside the electromagnetic spectrum as we know it. Measuring resonant energy is still a capability we are lacking today.

2) The Diode: MRT circuits contain silicone “diode” semiconductors. The function of a diode is to direct the flow of the energetic currents that act upon it. It does this by pulling energy in a particular direction, as opposed to allowing it to disperse, or move backwards. Using the diode function, MRT circuitry is able to draw energy through a specific pattern, which enables it to amplify resonance at a maximum potential. 

3) Mirroring Circuits: EarthCalm developed MRT as an exact matching of specific circuits, we call this "mirroring”. This concept exponentially increases the production and amplification of resonant energy.

The concept of mirroring is rooted in Albert Einstein's "Zero Point Energy" equation. When a wave is exactly matched by another wave, meaning it has the same frequency and the same height or amplitude, but the two move in opposing directions, they meet in the middle. When the two waves meet, they cancel one another out, resulting in a new kind of energy. For example, consider two identical waves in a pond, moving towards one another. When the twin waves meet, one might see a flat area in the middle of the pond. This is where the waves are balancing one another, thus cancelling the energy of both waves. The result, however, is not zero; there is still energy to be found, but in a new form: zero-point, resonant energy. When this concept is applied to our circuits, we are able to establish resonance within different identical combinations, which ultimately strengthens the natural resonant field.

Product-Specific Technology
Sanctuary Pendants, Anklets & Bands: EarthCalm Sanctuary products contain Sanctuary 2 Technology, alongside our MRT. Sanctuary 2 adds to the diode component of MRT technology. The specific wiring and circuit placements affect the diode in such a way that a strong amplification of the resonant field can occur. The strength of this field creates what is much like a “voltage fence” around the wearer. Combining Sanctuary 2 with MRT has resulted in the development of our most powerful wearable products yet.

Infinity Home System: When plugged into an electrical outlet, the Infinity Home System gains access to the electromagnetic field generated by the building’s electricity. MRT information can therefore be impressed into this field using frequency modulation, allowing the technology to move continuously throughout the entire electrical grid. The resonant information carries through to anything that is plugged into the grid as well: alarm clocks, cordless phones, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. Because of these capabilities, the Infinity Home System has become EarthCalm’s most powerful way to provide protection for an entire space all at once, 24 hours a day. The System is powerful enough to cause detox symptoms in some, which is why we designed it as four separate Phases. A gradual increase in power allows for a more comfortable adaptation.

Quantum Cell: Adding a Quantum Cell to your wireless device puts EarthCalm circuitry right at the source of the device's EMF and WiFi radiation. MRT information can then be impressed into these fields, using frequency modulation, which in turn produces a protective resonant field. The Quantum Cell is especially important on wireless devices at home or at the office, where the Infinity Home System can only access what is plugged into your building's electrical grid.
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