Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Do EMFs Make You Sick?
Electromagnetic sensitivity (Electrosensitivity) is a condition that can be thought of as a type of allergy to man-made frequencies. It affects thousands of people and even causes some to become so sick that they can no longer function normally. The symptoms of electrosensitivity cover a wide spectrum, and they range in severity, much like other types of known allergies. These symptoms can be subtle, which can make identification of the problem difficult, and they can also be alarming and overpowering, affecting every aspect of daily life.

More and more people around the world have been diagnosing themselves as electrosensitive, which can surely be correlated with the sharp increase of EMF exposure levels in recent times. Scientists and doctors have speculated that as individual exposure levels rise, people are actually developing intolerances to man-made frequencies. The unprecedented rollout of things like cell towers, smart meters, and high-powered Wi-Fi routers, has created an environment in which people everywhere are subjected to high radiation levels. Many are becoming ill and debilitated, in clear correlation to the increase in their exposure.

These are some of the most common symptoms that people experience:

A Condition Not Well Understood
People who are electrosensitive know how frustrating it can be, especially because of how difficult it is to find relief. To begin with, many doctors do not accept electrosensitivity as a valid diagnosis, making it difficult to obtain advice or treatment for it. This lack of acceptance most likely stems from how difficult it is to study electrosensitivity, which many believe is due to the fact that human electrochemical responses are still little understood and have yet to be quantified. Many doctors and scientists will not recognize a disorder unless it can be directly measured and tracked. We simply do not have the tools or understanding to clearly define every aspect of this disorder yet and this is a daunting problem for people suffering from it.

Taking Action
At EarthCalm, we have made it our mission to find ways to relieve the symptoms of electrosensitivity, and we have had powerful results. We feel that no one should have to spend their lives hiding from electricity and technology. Hiding makes it impossible to live a normal life with those around you, and it denies you the benefits of this digital age. These are the reasons why we have developed products to cover every aspect of daily life. If you think you might be electrosensitive we encourage you to give our products a try. They have been a true life-changer for thousands of people around the world.