Electromagnetic Sensitivity: Does It Affect You?
A Disease With Many Names
Electrosensitivity. Electromagnetic Sensitivity. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome. So many terms for this one disease! For simplicity’s sake, let’s call it electrosensitivity.

What is Electrosensitivity?
If you find it difficult, in any way, to be around electromagnetic fields (EMFs), then you may be electrosensitive. EMFs are generated by the electrical grid and appliances in your home and come from all wireless devices, like your cell and portable phones. They come from Wi-Fi, cell towers, and power lines.
Some people are just slightly electrosensitive while others cannot tolerate being around EMFs at all. Most fall somewhere in between, suffering moderately when exposure is high. The number of electrosensitive people is growing exponentially world-wide.

Common Symptoms of Electrosensitivity:
Headaches and “brainfog”
Chronic fatigue and pain
Depression, anxiety
Nausea and other digestive disorders
Sleep disturbances
If you have any of these symptoms, or others, and doctors can’t explain them, you aren’t alone. Since "electrosensitivity" is a fairly new term, your healthcare professional may not know about it yet. There are ways you can test yourself to see if maybe it’s EMFs that are making you sick.

Test an EMF Protection Product
A good way to start is by testing an EMF protection product to see if your symptoms are alleviated. If you are very electrosensitive, you may go through a detox period at first, which could make you feel worse before you feel better. So, if you start getting sicker at first, don’t decide the product’s fault - it actually means the product is working! Just take it slowly; once the detox period is over, you’ll feel a whole lot better than before you started.

At EarthCalm, we suggest our Infinity Home System, as a first step towards EMF protection. Made with electrosensitive people in mind, the Infinity Home System is a progressive unit that helps you to adjust gradually to its full strength. 


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