Electrosensitivity and EMF Protection: Finally Someone's Listening!
Electrosensitivity and EMF Protection: Finally, Someone's Listening!
Isn’t it frustrating when no one takes you seriously? If you suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity, you know the feeling. You are not alone! It is estimated that 8-10% of the population is electrosensitive, and numbers seem to be increasing. 

Often trivialized and humiliated when seeking help, people who suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity are looking for answers on their own. Here’s a story based on one woman’s testimonial, symptoms, and solutions.

"I don’t need confirmation that I’m electrosensitive. I know my own body.  It was something that developed over time. I wasn’t always like this. But just like a pot that finally boils over, at some point it was just too much. Cell phones, computers, electric lights, even my refrigerator – I couldn’t stand the feeling! My body was vibrating on the inside with the zing of an electric barbed wire fence!

Nobody understands electromagnetic sensitivity without experiencing it themselves. I went to a lot of respected practitioners. I was open to their ideas. I explored traditional and natural healing. Most of the time, I was treated like a ‘poor dear’ who was crazy. Usually the focus turned to my psychological health. For doctors and scientists, it seems that if it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist.

For 2 months, I couldn’t work - That doesn’t add to one’s sense of well-being! I couldn’t be around a computer or a cell phone, even if it was off. It got so bad that I started considering moving to a tent to get away from household wiring!

I read everything I could about electrosensitivity. I learned that some people claim they’re helped by reducing or eliminating high-frequency radio waves or microwaves (from computers and cell phones). Others, had to also eliminate low-frequency currents (which would explain my household electricity problem).

Some companies offered products intended to provide electromagnetic frequency (EMF) protection in several different ways. I tried all that felt legitimate (I found some that weren't), until I found a company that exceeded my expectations. The products worked for me. I feel normal. I’m so grateful. Finally, someone took electrosensitivity seriously.

I still have people roll their eyes and tell me it’s all nonsense. That’s okay. If I fooled myself into being well, it was worth it. Otherwise, I hope they never have to find out first hand that they’re wrong."

Marion’s situation isn’t that unique. Electrosensitivity can be debilitating for many, and it can be difficult to find help. Its exact causes can’t be pinpointed, and treatment perspectives vary as much as the specific cluster of symptoms. At EarthCalm, we are overjoyed by the fact that many people report symptom relief through our EMF protection products.

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