Infinity Home System Instructions:

1) Choose two live electrical outlets in your home that can be occupied indefinitely. It's important to consider pets and small children when choosing the outlets. Outlets in hallways and behind furniture are not recommended, as they can be bumped and broken. It's also important to choose two outlets as far apart from each other as possible, as they will work in synergy to create a calming space in the area between them, regardless of how far apart they are (as long as they are connected to the same meter's electrical grid). For international use: This two-step system works anywhere in the world, on all 110v-240v electrical systems, with any simple plug-style adapters. International adapters not included.

2) Plug in Phase 1, and gauge the reactions of everyone in your home, including pets. People who are electrosensitive sometimes need time to adapt to our products. Wait until everyone has three consecutive symptom-free days before moving to the next step.

3) After three symptom-free days, keep Phase 1 plugged in and plug in Phase 2. Again, gauge the reactions of everyone in your home, including pets. 

Once you've adapted to the technology in the home system, it's easy to layer protection with other EarthCalm productsRemember to always keep the Infinity Home System away from pets and children. Handle with care. Never expose to liquid. Never allow dust to build up. Wipe clean with dry cloth.

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