Keeping Baby Safe and Healthy:  Safe Baby Tips Experts Often Miss
Safe Baby Tips Experts Often Miss
Keeping baby safe and healthy is an important concern of any parent. Most parents follow safe baby tips, given by experts, on what kind of crib, changing table, and toys to have, how to safely bathe baby, and how to baby-proof the home. They also make sure to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and to put all poisons in locked cabinets. All very important!

There are a few precautions, however, often missed by baby experts, that are also very important for keeping your baby safe and healthy.

New Carpeting
The first involves the hazards of new carpeting. New carpets outgas (emit dangerous chemicals into the air), sometimes for a month or more after they’ve been laid. Outgassing is hard on the lungs and a baby’s lungs are especially sensitive.  If you plan to put down carpet in your new baby’s room, you’ll want to do so in plenty of time before baby arrives.

Painting your Baby’s Room
If paint is flaking or peeling in your baby’s room, have a professional remove or seal it, as there may be dangerous lead in the paint. If you choose to freshly paint the room before your baby arrives, be aware of the chemicals fresh paint can release into the air for a while afterwards.

Painting with natural and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints can help, but just to be sure, you might want to paint your baby’s room at least a few weeks prior to your baby’s arrival. Also, make sure you thoroughly ventilate the room, so the air quality is safe.

EMF Exposure
Another very important safety precaution concerns the health hazards of exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). EMFs come out of your electrical grid and all household appliances. Even more hazardous ones are emitted from all wireless devices, such as cell phones, cordless phones, computers, tablets, and anything else that connects to Wi-Fi. EMFs also come from wireless baby monitors.

Research over the last two decades has shown that EMFs are linked to certain childhood health disorders, such as sleeping problems, allergies, and irritability. EMFs have also been linked to more serious diseases, such as asthma, autism, and ADHD.

EMF Protection
It’s become clear that it is nearly impossible to avoid EMFs in today’s world. What you can do, however, is get EMF protection to create EMF safety in your home.

Check out EarthCalm’s line of EMF protection products. A Home EMF Protection System is a good way to start, in order to create an EMF-safe environment throughout your entire home. See our blog for other articles about children and EMFs.

You can never do too much in keeping your baby safe and healthy.  Following safe baby tips is important, but don’t forget about chemicals and EMFs. Although invisible to the eye, they are hazards you don’t want to expose your baby to!

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