Living Near Power Lines: Is it Dangerous?
Living Near Power Lines: Is it Dangerous?
If you’re living near power lines, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about the health risks associated with prolonged exposure to them. Doing your own independent research is important in this process because there are conflicting opinions in the science world about the safety of living by electrical lines. Looking at every angle available will help you to have the fullest view. One critical thing to keep in mind during this process is that one side of science only deems electromagnetic fields (EMFs) hazardous when there is the actual heating of tissue involved. The other side, that strongly advocates for caution on this issue, understands the complexities of the human body, and how receptive we all are to outside interference. This side of science has shown that we have reason to be concerned for our health if we live in close proximity to either high or low voltage powerlines.  

Power Lines and Health Risks: What are the Dangers? 
Here are some great scientific resources addressing the health impact of exposure to power line EMF: 

Research Papers:
1. Health Risks from Electric Power Facilities  A.A. Marino Ph.D. Public Power [View]
2. Powerline Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health A.A. Marino Ph.D [View]

What Can You do to Protect Yourself and Your Family?
If you are concerned about the health risks of living near power lines, don’t wait for the evidence to be embraced by the mainstream. Remember how many years it took to prove the dangers of tobacco? Educate yourself. Learn the potential risks and symptoms associated with living near power lines. 

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