Sanctuary Pendant
New! Sanctuary Traditional Pendant on a Sterling Silver Chain

Sanctuary Pendant

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  • Sanctuary 2 Technology: :EarthCalm's highest level of wearable protection.
  • High-Quality:Durably handcrafted with .999 fine silver.
  • 100% Waterproof:Can be worn while bathing and swimming.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee:Plenty of time to try it out.
  • 1-Year Warranty:Limited repair/replacement warranty on all new products.
  • Layer Your Protection:Use with all EarthCalm products for increased strength.
  • Wear it 24/7:Especially while sleeping!

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Sanctuary Pendant
Our new version of the Sanctuary Pendant has an additional “Power Pendant”, which is designed to lie at the back of the neck. The two pendants work together to create an additional level of protective strength. The newest version of the Sanctuary Pendant was made available September 25th, 2018.

Wearing a Sanctuary Pendant is a powerful way to defend yourself against EMFs when you’re on the move. Our pendants are hand crafted with fine silver, they are lightweight, and they have been designed with durability in mind. They are also 100% waterproof, so they can be worn 24 hours a day. The Sanctuary Pendant contains our Sanctuary II Technology, which is EarthCalm's most powerful level of wearable EMF protection to date. Wearing EarthCalm EMF protection jewelry allows you to feel much safer as you move about in the world! 
We highly recommend pairing our wearable products with our wireless and whole-house protection products. Our technology works synergistically, so LAYERING EarthCalm products can be hugely beneficial.

Product Adaptation
Those who are electrosensitive many times need to adapt to our technology slowly. While many feel the benefit of our protection right away, others experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, or nausea before their state of health begins to improve. This is the reason why we highly recommend installing our Infinity Home System as a very first measure of EMF and WiFi protection. The Home System consists of four separate Phases that can be added slowly, over the course of days, or even weeks, allowing everyone to adapt to the technology comfortably. If you don't have a Home System installed yet, you can still wear a Sanctuary Pendant, but we recommend wearing it in intervals, so you can adjust to its strength without any discomfort. LEARN MORE.

"You gave me my life back!! I can go anywhere I want again. The pendant just changed my life. Before the pendant I used to have to sit in a park for hours every day and could not go anywhere...I couldn’t use the oven, open the refrigerator, have any lights on or watch TV. Now I can go anywhere, watch TV, cook and be in my house. Thank you so much."
- Dorothy, MS

"I no longer have the tightness in my chest area when I wear the pendant…that is a relief."
- Lorna, Canada

Not for children under age of 3. Contains small parts. Technology may contain small batteries, which do not require replacement.

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