Ordering FAQ

Order Directly from EarthCalm or Order from EarthCalm Distributor
If you order directly from EarthCalm, you will always receive our latest technology, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, 1-Year Limited Warranty, and the assistance of our knowledgeable Customer Service Team. For orders outside the US, we highly recommend ordering from one of these authorized International EarthCalm Distributors, and you must contact them for all of your customer service questions. We don't recommend ordering from any unauthorized supplier. 

Online Sales Only
We are not a retail storefront, and we cannot allow customers into our manufacturing building. You can place orders online any time!

Product Prices

You can view all product prices in USD on each individual product page here. Prices are non-negotiable, but can be discounted with a valid Coupon code.

Shipping Quote

At this time, we use USPS shipping only. Simply add the items to your cart, go to your cart, and click on "CALCULATE SHIPPING". Enter ALL field information, or it may not calculate properly. For international orders, please note that your order may be subject to additional customs fees. The cost of shipping is automatically calculated by weight of the order, and is non-negotiable. 

Billing Address
This needs to be exactly the same as the information your credit card company has on file, or your payment will not be accepted.

Shipping Address
EarthCalm uses an application to help you choose an address that USPS can easily recognize. However, your address needs to be correct, so if the application does not prompt correct information, just provide an address that you know works. EarthCalm is not liable for delivery to incorrect address due to misinformation on your order.

Package Insurance

We highly recommend adding package insurance to every single order. If you don't, and you order gets damaged or lost, EarthCalm will not be liable.

Special Delivery Instructions
You can add these requests into the Additional Information field of the checkout page, but it's ultimately at the courier's discretion, and EarthCalm will not be liable for these requests.

Order Information Auto-Filling
Maybe you just need to clear your "cookies", or maybe you're using PayPal, and their system is trying to help. Whatever the case, you should be able to manually fill over this information before submitting your order.

Form of Payment
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and EarthCalm gift cards. We do not accept checks, money orders or any other form of payment.

Payment Declined
This could be insufficient funds, incorrect billing address, or incorrect CVV code. Be sure to enter the exact same information that you have on file with your credit card company, and check for typos. You may need to contact your credit card company for any other reason they are stopping the transaction.

Order Confirmation

As soon as you submit your order, our system automatically sends an order confirmation to your provided email address. If your email account doesn't recognize EarthCalm, the order confirmation could be sent to your junk / spam folder.

Shipping & Delivery Time

We usually ship within 2 business days after your order is placed. Sorry, no expediting. Once shipped, it will usually take between 1-3 days for domestic deliveries, and around 7-10 days for international deliveries. We recommend using your Shipping Confirmation to track your package. *As noted on the product page, if your order contains a custom sized Sanctuary Band or Child Band, it will delay your entire order up to 10 business days.

Tracking Package

As soon as your order ships, our system automatically sends a Shipping Confirmation with your tracking information. Additionally, if you ordered through your EarthCalm account, sign in and click 'My Account', then 'Recent Orders", then 'View Details', and your tracking number will be posted there.

Lost / Damaged Package

We highly recommend adding package insurance to every single order. If your order is lost or damaged, and you did add insurance to your order, email customerservice@earthcalm.com, and we can file a claim for you through our package insurance company. If you didn't add insurance, EarthCalm is not liable, and we recommend filing a claim with the carrier service.

International Customs

Most countries charge customs fees, which vary greatly from country to country. We have Authorized International EarthCalm Distributors in several countries around the world. You can view our list hereIf there is not a distributor in your area, we suggest that you contact your country's Customs Department to find out about potential restrictions and customs fees on packages coming from the United States.

If you don't see the answer to your question in FAQ, email customerservice@earthcalm.com.