How does the technology work?
For a general understanding, go to our Technology FAQ page. For an in-depth description of EarthCalm technology, read through our Technology page.

Are the products tested and scientifically proven?
Yes. You can view the Research here.

Why should I buy EarthCalm products? 
EarthCalm Technology has been researched, tested, and steadily improved for over 30 years. Our products are assembled in the United States, with our proprietary technology, using only high quality materials. Many of our customers report relief from a variety of EMF related ailments. We encourage you to try EarthCalm products to see how the technology works for you. And remember, if you're not satisfied for any reason, we have a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

For specific product FAQ:

Which EarthCalm product should I choose? 
All EarthCalm products work in synergy with each other to provide layers of defense. You can find which specific products you need in our Choosing the Right Product page.

What is "Layered Protection"? 
Layered Protection is the idea of using all EarthCalm products together, with proper Product Adaptation. You can even wear multiple layers of wearable gear, if so inclined. Learn more about Layered Protection on our Where Do I Start and Choosing the Right Product pages. 

What is the radius of protection for EarthCalm products?
Because everyone's electrical grids and devices are different, we can't give you an exact radius, but we can tell you: 
The INFINITY HOME SYSTEM's effect is contained to your home's electrical grid, and anything plugged into it. 
The INFINITY X's effect is contained to the room where it is plugged in.
The QUANTUM CELL's effect is contained to the field produced by the device that it's attached to.
The WEARABLE's effect is contained to the small field that your body produces.

When should I upgrade to a newer version of the product? Why?
The level of man-made EMF is constantly on the rise, so we upgrade our technology about once a year. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of a product every couple of years. SYNERGY BOOSTERS are available to update your older Infinity Home Systems, which makes upgrading more cost effective for you!

What is the lifetime of EarthCalm products? Do the products need to be recharged? Do they ever stop working?
All EarthCalm technology is designed to last indefinitely, without needing to be recharged, and we do upgrade our technology about once a year. You can find our our most current products on our All Products page.

Do you have products for children under the age of 3?
We recommend the INFINITY HOME SYSTEM and INFINITY X, but make sure to keep it out of reach! Also, if you are wearing a SANCTUARY BAND or SANCTUARY PENDANT, and remain in direct contact with the child, that technology will extend to them as well. For more info about children and EMF exposure, read through our Hazards for Children and Teens page.

Are EarthCalm products compatible with other products on the market?
Some of our customers use EarthCalm products with other products, and have not reported any issues. We do recommend working through the Product Adaptation of EarthCalm technology, separately from any other companies' EMF protection products, so you can make an adequate evaluation of its benefit.  

What other company products should I use with EarthCalm products?
Since we are not affiliated with any other companies, we cannot make any recommendations or claims on their products. You will need to do your own research on this.

Can I take EarthCalm products through airport security?
We recommend speaking with the airport security about their regulations.

Are there batteries in the wearable products? Why? 
Yes. Batteries are used in our SANCTUARY PENDANTS and SANCTUARY BANDS. We will not provide proprietary information about our technology, but we can tell you that the batteries will never need to be charged or changed.