Sanctuary Pendant FAQ

How do I use it?
For instructions specific to each product, see Product Instructions.

How does the technology work?
For an in-depth description, go to our Technology page. Or, read through our Technolgy FAQ.

How will it affect me? How will I know it's working?
Go to our Technolgy FAQ.

Is the technology tested and scientifically proven?
Yes. You can view the Research here.

Why do I need it?
Wearable protection is designed to help with the negative effects of exposure to 
man-made EMFs from sources like:

What is the technology difference between the Sanctuary Band and the Sanctuary Pendant?
All of the our Sanctuary wearable products contain the same technology. We just put it into aesthetically different products for our customer preference.

Does the Silver Pendant need to be touching my skin?
Yes, we cannot guarantee that the technology will work as well, if it is blocked by clothing.

Does EarthCalm sell the Pendants without the chain?
No, we do not offer that option at this time.

Does EarthCalm make Pendants to be worn as a bracelet / anklet / ring? 
No, we do not offer that option at this time, but we continue to upgrade and re-design our products, so keep checking our website for new releases.

Can I use my own chain for the Sanctuary Pendant?
We recommend using all EarthCalm products exactly the way they are designed, and carefully follow the provided instructions. We cannot guarantee the technology will work if you use the product in any inconsistent fashion.

Can I cut the chain of my Sanctuary Pendant?
You can, but this type of modification should only be made after complete 
Product Adaptationand have decided to keep the product because that will void your 
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. (Remember, chains are not covered by your 1-Year Limited Warranty.) It is okay to shorten the chain by removing links, but opening and closing the jump rings again will cause them to become weak, so we recommend replacing them, to avoid losing your pendant. You can purchase these Jump Rings with Lobster Clasps directly from us.

Can I wear other jewelry with it?
Yes. Other jewelry will not affect the technology of the Sanctuary Pendant.

Can I wear it 24/7?
Yes. After you have completed your 
Product Adaptationwe recommend wearing your Sanctuary Pendant EMF protection necklace day and night.


Is it waterproof? 
Yes, you can wear it during all water sports, and bathing. However, do not put it in a washing machine or dishwasher, where it would be exposed to excessive heat or battering.

Why is my pendant turning black?
The technology in your pendant will cause the toxins released from your body to tarnish the silver very quickly. You can simply clean it with a silver polishing cloth.

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