Technology FAQ

How does it work?

The technology that EarthCalm has developed is really complex, and some of the information about it is proprietary. For an in-depth description, read through our Technology page. We also highly suggest that you read through the Research. And, for a better understanding about the issues around man-made EMF exposure, spend some time our giant EMF Library

Does it block or reduce EMF's, or lower radiation levels? 

No. Instead, it is designed to help mitigate some of the negative effects from exposure to man-made EMF radiation, by using that EMF to create a beneficial biological experience. This was determined by lab testing on human DNA, and we encourage you to read through the Research.

How will it affect me? How will I know it's working?

Research shows that EarthCalm technology normalizes, and even increases, the conductivity of human DNA, but that benefit isn't always noticeable right away for everyone. Some EarthCalm customers report immediate relief from extreme symptoms of electrosensitivity. Some report that they feel worse before feeling better. Some healthy customers report increased energy and focus, better sleep, or sometimes no noticeable change at all. You can read through the Reviews, to find out what other customers have experienced with EarthCalm products.

Anytime you add a layer of EarthCalm technology to your environment, there may be an additional Product Adaptation. You may need to ease your way into the full strength of the new product. If you find yourself experiencing what we refer to as "detox" symptoms", and if this becomes too much for you, simply unplug, remove or switch off the product or phase for a few hours, and then try it again. Repeat this process until you're completely comfortable with the EarthCalm technology. Some people adapt to it right away. Some need a while longer, especially electro-sensitive people, and that's okay! It's important to take your time with it, to allow your body enough time to adapt. Remember, it comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so you should have plenty of time to find out how it can work for you!

How often does EarthCalm upgrade the technology?

The level of man-made EMF is constantly on the rise, so we upgrade our technology about every year or so. We also add products every so often, so it's always good to keep checking back to see what's new.

Can the effects be measured by an EMF meter? 

No. Our technology does not block or reduce EMF, or lower radiation levels. The effects of EarthCalm technology have been determined by laboratory testing. You can gauge the effectiveness of our products by noting your biological condition before and after adding EarthCalm products to your life.

What is the difference between each EarthCalm technology? 

EarthCalm Nova Resonator Technology, found in our Child Bands, is our first level of wearable technology. This is the best choice for children, since they tend to have more sensitive systems.

EarthCalm Sanctuary 2 Technology, found in our Sanctuary Bands and Sanctuary Pendants, is our highest level of wearable technology. It actually combines the Nova Resonator Technology with additional technology, which is designed to create a vortex around you through your own EMF. 

What is the lifetime of the technology? Does it need to be recharged?

EarthCalm technology is designed to last indefinitely, with proper maintenance and care. It never needs to be recharged. However, it's important to remember that the level of man-made EMF is constantly on the rise, so we upgrade our technology about every year or so.

Is there a frequency?

EarthCalm technology does not generate any frequency. It simply uses the field generated by electrical sources and wireless devices/appliances to help defend against the effects of exposure to these fields.

Can magnets interfere with EarthCalm technology?

Strong magnets may not be good for your device, itself. If the magnet has a weaker pull that doesn't interfere with your device, then it will also not interfere with the EarthCalm technology.

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