The Cell Phone vs. Cancer Debate Continues: Are Cell Phone Hazards Real?
What Are We to Believe About Cell Phone Hazards?
For many years now, the cell phone–cancer debate has raged, continuing to leave us wondering if cell phone radiation hazards are actually real. Some researchers claim there is insufficient data to prove a direct link between cell phone radiation and cancer (or other health issues). Others argue, equally adamantly, that there is plenty of evidence of a link between them.

Recently, two studies have come to light, each attempting help solve this debate. Unfortunately, both studies have come under attack by other researchers in the field for having serious flaws.

Danish Study on Cell Phone – Cancer Link
The first is a Danish cohort study conducted by Patrizia Frei, et al., attempting to investigate the risks of tumors, caused by cell phones, over a period of eight years. An organization dedicated to accurately informing the public about the hazards of cell phone radiation,, claims that this study has “many flaws and serious confounders and should not give anyone reassurance that mobile phone use is not associated with an increase in brain tumors.”

Among other flaws, Powerwatch points out the following:

The study reported on people with cell phones during the years 1980-1995, when only 7% of the Danish population used cell phones. Today is a whole different story. Most people today use cell phones, many as their main or only phone, and spend countless hours on them.
Most of the subjects tested were men—only 1% were women. No children were tested, and it has been reported that children absorb radiation into their brains 10x faster than adults.
Pre-1995, almost all cell phones were analogue type phones, very different from phones used today. Analogue phones did not pulse like our current ones.
The researchers lost 37,093 people from the study because the people either died or emigrated. This was 10% of the number of total people studied.

FCC Study on Cell Phone Radiation Hazards
The second study on cell phone hazards that is coming under attack, is one that the FCC is about to begin. This story was recently reported on Good Morning America. Already, there is a report released by a non-profit organization, known as The Environmental Health Trust, that claims this study has serious flaws.

The researchers and scientists, of the Environmental Health Trust, say that the process to determine radiation exposure from cell phones involves the use of a mannequin model that approximates a 6’2” – 220 lb person. This model represents only about 3% of the population. so, of course, it will not accurately measure the radiation exposure of the other 97% of the population, including all children and most women.

This model, that the FCC plans to use, is evidently based on old science and old assumptions. The Environmental Health Trust suggests an alternative certification process, one that uses MRI scans to test real people, and that includes children and pregnant women.

World Health Organization Study
In arguing their case even further, both and the Environmental Health Trust point to the new report, released in May 2011 by the World Health Organization’s IARC, that judged RF exposure as a Class 2B possible human carcinogen. This means cell phone radiation is in the same class with lead, chloroform, and gas exhaustion. 

The cell phone – cancer debate continues. Meanwhile, you may wish to educate yourself further on possible cell phone dangers to determine whether you wish to take the chance with your own health. 

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