WiFi Radiation

What Is WiFi?
WiFi is a type of microwave radiation that transmits information through the air between a wireless device, like a computer or cell phone, and a router or modem. It does this at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, or 2.4 billion cycles per second. In comparison to the natural electromagnetism of the human body, this is a very high frequency and it can be incredibly erratic. This is because the information exchange and signal search features of WiFi send out non-rhythmic, chaotic frequencies into the atmosphere.

Is WiFi Radiation Harmful?
Is the microwave radiation that WiFi produces a danger to human health? This question has been up for considerable debate in recent years! One side of science has been assuring the public that the radiation emitted by things like WiFi routers and cell phones is perfectly safe, that since this type of radiation is non-ionizing (which basically means non-heating), that it is harmless and therefore safe to broadcast into any environment indiscriminately. The other side of science, which includes thousands of renowned studies done for decades, by hundreds of highly acclaimed scientists and doctors around the world, has for been showing us that non-ionizing radiation affects the human body on many different levels!

These opposing opinions can make this issue feel very confusing, but if you take the time to look at ALL the available science, you will surely find the answer to this looming question: YES, WiFi is bad for us.

The Not-So-Fun Facts
It's not fun or comfortable to think about the harmful effects of WiFi radiation, but at EarthCalm, we feel that public awareness is very important! In an effort to offer a clear picture of the issue at hand, we have put together the following list of some of the biological health concerns that have been attached to microwave radiation exposure. Remember, it’s not just WiFi that produces this form of radiation, it’s cellular reception from cell towers and cell phones, and radio frequencies as well. Most of us are facing constant exposure from thousands of different sources.
Biological findings indicating hazardous interactions from non-ionizing radiation:
DNA strand breakage
Disruption in cell protein production
Genetic damage and mutation
Break in the blood-brain barrier
Creation of stress proteins
Impaired immune system
Cancers (multiple types)
Reduced melatonin
Disruption of calcium, potassium, & lithium levels
Changes in electrical activity in the brain
Cardiovascular stress
Cytogenetic changes in brain cells
Electro-physiological disruption of nervous system
Changes in various neurotransmitters 
Metabolic changes in brain tissues

Visit the 2012 BioInitiative Report for more info!
These findings show us that microwave radiation has a direct effect on many biological functions. Many times, the results can be expressed as high-latency illnesses and disease that can take decades to surface. Additionally, symptoms that we experience due to exposure can easily be misdiagnosed or brushed off as simple “dis-function.” This is due to the fact that biological interference can be very subtle, which makes tracking and ongoing testing a real challenge. This difficulty could be one of the reasons why many of these exposure effects are currently being dismissed by some mainstream science. Whatever the case, it is very important for us to be aware of these issues for ourselves and for our families. We need to remember that even if we don’t experience outward symptoms of illness right this minute, WiFi radiation exposure is indeed taking a harmful toll on our bodies.

WiFi & Health: Why the Debate?
With such an astounding amount of scientific evidence showing harm, it can be hard to understand why much of the general public seems to think that things like WiFi are perfectly harmless. It may be that people feel comforted and assured by the fact that most governments have given their highest stamp of safety approval for widespread WiFi roll out. Many of us feel positive that our governments consider all the available evidence when it comes to a potential health crisis, but it is important to remember that governments are designed to put economy first and foremost; the need for industry and revenue is a top priority for just about every country. WiFi, and wireless technology in general, provides incredible economic opportunity and expansion- a fact that hasn’t been ignored. As we have already seen, whole new factions of competitive industry have absolutely exploded since the rollout of WiFi! This doesn't necessarily mean that governments deliberately deny the facts, but rather that the economic potential of WiFi may have made it easy to accept, and hold as law, the most available science showing a lack of danger when it comes to microwave radiation. No matter what the circumstance is, this lack of informed opinion now equals a severe lack of public awareness, one that could ultimately result in a very real health crisis!

The Experts Work to Educate the Public
The general lack of acceptance of diverse science has made it difficult for scientists and doctors, who do find proof of harm, to have a voice. It is very heartening, however, to see how many of these renowned figures still manage to spread the word! They hold conferences, give speeches, and many have dedicated whole websites to educating, warning, and activating the public around this issue of radiation exposure. Some have even helped shape statements and regulations around the globe!

We have put together a great directory of the many experts we look up to, as well as our favorite science-based sites, our favorite books, and the most important studies we have come across in hopes that we can help people become educated and aware of the many issues surrounding WiFi, EMFs, microwave radiation, and health.


WiFi & the Electrosensitive
Microwave radiation from things like WiFi is bad for us all, but some people are much more affected than others. Many suffer from a condition called electrosensitivity, which affects millions of people around the world. Electrosensitivity comes with a wide range of symptoms that range in severity, even to the point of complete debilitation. This makes the frantic roll-out of all things WiFi a nightmare for many people. WiFi routers have become very powerful and WiFi devices are all but lining the streets these days, not to mention the omnipresence of cell phones and man-made electricity that also contributes to the problem. Many extremely electrosensitive people end up having to hide from the world, and all modern conveniences, in order to not be sick constantly. The problem of living with electrosensitivity is one of the major reasons why we develop, and constantly improve, our EMF & WiFi protection here at EarthCalm. Our products have allowed thousands of electrosensitive people to lead more normal lives! 

Why are we affected by WiFi Radiation?
Our bodies operate under a multitude of natural electrical processes, which is an absolutely amazing fact!  However, the constant chaotic confusion of electropollution (from things like WiFi) disrupts these natural processes, and that is ultimately the factor that seems to make way for illness and disease. 

We recommend reading Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine [VIEW], and The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life [VIEW], both by Dr. Robert Becker, in order to establish an in-depth understanding of the natural electromagnetic qualities of the human body, and how these can become disrupted by man-made frequencies. We believe that it is very important to not only understand these processes, but to actively protect them.

EMF Protection is Important
The concepts that Dr. Becker defines in his books are ones that we have based our products around, here at EarthCalm. We have found that our bodies are soothed when they are able to re-establish resonance with the natural electromagnetic qualities within the Earth’s ionosphere, which allows us to heal and restore. Our technology amplifies Earth’s resonant energy, which is an energy that constantly surrounds us but can get lost in the confusion of unnatural frequencies. Keeping this resonance strong is important for optimal health, which is why we have developed products that offer protection for every aspect of life in today’s world.