Do You Have Environmental Illness?
Some people are extremely ill due to environmental toxins. They find it necessary to steer clear of many commonly used materials in everyday items. They seem to be allergic to everything around them, and their lives are unbelievably restricted.

Many more people are becoming increasingly impacted by these factors and don’t realize the source. It can start out slow be very gradual: They may begin feeling fatigued all the time or have low-grade headaches that become chronic. Then maybe digestion becomes difficult and food allergies develop, followed by insomnia, dizzy spells, or muscle aches. Rashes and chronic coughs can appear as well. 

Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Some doctors today are calling this set of wide-ranging symptoms “Environmental Illness” (EI); others refer to it as “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” (MCS), as most of the toxins involved seem to be chemical.

What the disease involves is a problem with the immune system, detoxification pathways, and/or the blood-brain barrier. The body can’t excrete the toxins safely, causing them to get stuck in the body. This, in turn, creates a wide range of chronic symptoms.

People with EI can become as much as a thousand times more sensitive to toxins in the environment than most people. In the last decade, there has been a dramatic increase in people with Environmental Illness, especially children, who tend to be the most susceptible.

Materials that Bring on Symptoms
Chemicals that can cause reactions in the body are found everywhere in today’s world. They are in:
New building materials, plastics 
New carpets & furniture 
Glue, solvents, paint, fresh ink
Perfume & many personal care products
Tar & asphalt fumes
Smoke, especially cigarette smoke
Cleaning products including detergents, fabric softeners, disinfectants
Vehicular & industrial exhaust
Synthetic clothing

Development of the Disease
For some people, symptoms can be provoked by even minute amounts of substances being inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. Many with environmental illness also react to mold, dust, pollen, and animals.

Some people develop EI after a single major exposure, while others develop symptoms slowly following cumulative events. Many note the onset of their illness after moving into a new home or working in recently remodeled offices.  

Often people diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Immune Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, asthma, or autism also have EI.

Symptoms of Environmental Illness
The symptoms of EI run the gamut:
Itchy eyes, nasal congestion, sinusitis
Fatigue, dizziness, weakness
Sleep disturbances
PMS, early menopause
Heart palpitations
Respiratory difficulties
Gastrointestinal problems
Joint & muscle pain
Rashes, hives

Treatment for Environmental Illness
Doctors who are aware of EI generally focus their treatments on helping patients to clear their environment of as many toxic chemicals as possible. Hormone treatment is sometimes prescribed, as well as nutritional supplements and other supportive treatments for the lungs, liver, and kidneys (the major detoxification organs).

Complimentary medical techniques, such as acupuncture and homeopathic medicines, have also been found to be effective.

EMF Exposure: Overlooked Cause of Environmental Illness
All these approaches focus on chemical sensitivities, and this is obviously an important focus in Environmental Illness. However, more and more health practitioners are also becoming aware of the fact that chemicals are not the only factors involved in the illness; exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) also plays an ever-increasingly significant role.

If this piece of the puzzle is missed, then full recovery may only be partial or temporary. This is because exposure to EMFs greatly weakens the immune system, breaks DNA strands, impairs the blood-brain barrier, disrupts cell functioning and—most importantly for EI—clogs the detoxification pathways in the body.

If you’ve gotten rid of toxic chemicals in your environment, eat organic foods, take nutritional supplements, get exercise and enough sleep, and you’re still feeling ill, then it may be time to look into how your EMF exposure may be still causing illness in your body.

Electrosensitivity vs Environmental Illness
More and more people these days are being diagnosed with the disease known as Electrosensitivity, in which symptoms arise when in the presence of EMFs.   The interesting thing about this disease is that its symptoms are just about the same and as wide-ranging as those of Environmental Illness. Most people who are electrosensitive are also chemically sensitive.

Obviously, the two diseases are connected, or more accurately, Electrosensitivity is a part of Environmental Illness and should not be missed when treatment is considered.
But how to treat it? You can take medications and supplements for your symptoms, but how can you actually treat it when it’s next to impossible to get away from EMFs today?

EMF Protection
The modern world in which we live is a sea of electrosmog; try as we might, there is no complete escape from it. At EarthCalm, we highly recommend doing everything you can to reduce your exposure to EMFs. The next step is EMF protection. We offer a full array of EMF protection products that have been helping people find relief for over 25 years. You can find our shop here.

Inventor of EarthCalm has Environmental Illness
EarthCalm was founded by inventor, Jean Gallick, who has been living with Environmental Illness for many years. Not knowing about electrosensitivity at first, Jean assumed that all her symptoms since childhood had been caused by chemicals.

Over a long period of many years, she tested eliminating one chemical after another in her environment. Most of her symptoms remained. Then she discovered that her main problem wasn't just chemicals, it was EMFs. Being a natural inventor, Jean began inventing products for people with similar sensitivities.

For the last 25 years, she has been carefully developing and improving EarthCalm products to match the ever-growing number of man-made EMFs in the environment. Thousands of people, with a wide range of sensitivities, find relief with EarthCalm products. (View our "Meet the Inventor" page!)


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