Product Adaptation

How do I adapt to EarthCalm Technology and how long does it take?
Adaptation time can vary for everyone. On your first day of using your EarthCalm product, we recommend using your product for an hour at a time, and turning it off or removing it, in intervals of two to three hours. The next day, if you are feeling completely comfortable, go ahead and leave your EarthCalm product on. However, if you feel any sort of discomfort, continue to turn off or remove the product in intervals, and continue this process until you feel completely comfortable leaving it on. Remember to follow your detailed Product Instructions (included in the packaging of your product), and note how you feel during your adaptation, so you can track your progress.

How will EarthCalm Technology affect me?
People who are generally healthy, usually adapt to our technology with ease. However, some people temporarily experience what we refer to as "detox symptoms". This is especially true to those who suffer from electromagnectic hypersensitivity (electrosensitivity). These symptoms may include lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue, and/or restlessness. We see these types of reactions as an adjustment to the relief of an otherwise constant physical stressor. We have found that the best way to avoid potential "detox symptoms" is by introducing our technology in short intervals.

If you already know that you are electrosensitive before using our products, we highly suggest that you take notes before and during your adaptation period. Be sure to include timings. This is especially helpful when discussing your experience with our customer service representatives. It is important that you move at your own pace during the adaptation period. Remember, EarthCalm has a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee specifically to allow for this!

Why does it take some people longer to adapt to the technology? 

We are all subject to both the long-term AND the immediate effects of EMF exposure. Consider all the places you've lived and worked throughout your life, and how technological advances have contributed to increased exposure, year after year. Also consider the appliances and wireless devices that you're surrounded by right now, and don't forget about cell towers, power lines, neighborhood smart meters. Every person's current EMF environment and history of exposure is unique. Also, each person's biological tolerance for EMF exposure is different from the next. For those reasons, we can't tell you ahead of time how long it will take for you to adapt to our technology or what will be your body's reaction to it. That's why we give you a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so that you can really take your time with the adaptation process.

How does Wi-Fi affect product adaptation?
Wi-Fi may increase adaptation symptoms. We recommend unplugging your routers and staying away from your WIRELESS DEVICES as much as possible during adaptation, especially while sleeping.

What if I feel better, and then my symptoms return?
If this happens, we encourage you to assess your surroundings to consider what EMFs are there, that weren't there before. Did a cell tower recently get built near your home? Did your neighbors get a smart meter installed? Did you buy a new car or electronic? Take a look at our Choose the Right Product page, to help identify any new EMFs around you, and find what EarthCalm product you will need to address the issue. If you are unable to find any new EMF changes, we recommend disengaging from your EarthCalm products for 24 hours, to see how you feel, and then restart your product adaptation, from the beginning. If symptoms persist, we recommend speaking with a professional healthcare provider.

Do I need to adapt to each new EarthCalm product, if I have already adapted to other EarthCalm products?
Yes, please follow the product adaptation instructions completely, for each product.

How do I adapt my pets to the technology?
Since each pet is different, and you know your own pet better than anyone, it is important for your to gauge the reactions of your pet yourself. Just look for any differences in activity, appetite, and excretion. You may want to take your pet to the vet for a before and after check-up.

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