How does it work? It's simple!

Order a minimum* of $450 in EarthCalm EMF protection, and we'll send you a FREE Quantum Boost! This product is used on things like: Wi-Fi routers, wireless gaming systems, smart TV's, Bluetooth devices, AM-FM radios, desktop computers, smart/RFID appliances, like refrigerators, washers and dryers, smart meters, and solar systems.

Order a minimum* of $850 in EMF protection, and we'll ALSO send you a FREE Sleep Sanctuary! The chaotic chatter of EMFs disrupts our sleep patterns, which can result in melatonin imbalances. This product is not only for sleep. It was developed to protect from EMF's coming in from outside your home. It also works in synergy with the Infinity Home System and Quantum Boosts throughout your home to create an additional layer of EMF protection. Plus, it's effective for everybody in an entire room.

* Minimum order is the total after discounts and before taxes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you return any part of your order (under the 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee), and if that brings your order total below the required minimum $450/$850, you must also return the applicable free product(s).

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