EMFs: Industry Funded vs. Independently Funded Studies
Cell phone radiation danger is a hot topic right now. There have been many studies done, and some completely contradict each other. How do we know what to believe?

If you follow the money, you’ll find out that the telecom industry has funded a good number of studies. These are referred to as “industry funded studies” and are usually extremely biased in the favor of the industry—surprise, surprise. 

Studies done by independent scientists and researchers—those not being funded by the industry, with no stake in the outcome— have discovered significant flaws in the methodology used in industry funded studies, rendering them obsolete. Many independently funded studies have also cause for good concern when it comes to cell phone radiation and health effects. 

How can the FCC say cell phones are safe?
In 1996, the FCC tested cell phones and declared the radiation level safe. The standards haven’t been updated since then. Phones have come a long way since 1996; more people have cell phones these days and are on them, whether talking or playing, constantly. Where is the updated test for new guidelines considering all of this?

To make matters worse, the testing model the FCC used back in the 90s was based on 6’2” men, weighing 220 lbs. Not exactly our average person using cell phones today, is it? Also, the only kind of testing the FCC did was on the thermal effects of cell phone radiation. The scientists warning of cell phone dangers today are talking about non-thermal effects. We need new standards!

What can we do?
Help spread awareness! The more people who know and are upset about the abundance of industry funded studies and the lack of new guidelines, the more the pressure is on for the FCC. 

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