Is Your Child Failing in School?
If you’re concerned about your child’s low performance in school, you’re not alone. Many, many children in the US are at risk of failing in school. And the numbers of children actually failing are increasing year after year.

Despite all the new advances in technology and new learning techniques children now have through the use of computers in school, the statistics of how many children are failing in school are alarming.

According to research:
One-third of the students who enter high school drop out before graduation.
Many students with high school diplomas are barely able to read or write.
Vast numbers of students leaving the education system do not have skills to earn a living in our increasingly technological society and international marketplace.
The number of children with learning disorders is increasing every year.

Reasons Children are Failing in School
No Child Left Behind Law: Some objective experts in the field blame the federal “No Child Left Behind” law that was in force from  2001 to 2015. They say that it lowered our standards, and caused kids to feel they really didn't need to learn because they knew they’d pass anyway, even if they didn't know how to read or write.

Not Enough Funding: Many in the school system blame the lack of funding for decent teachers’ salaries and textbooks. With the money available, school systems can’t attract the highest level of teachers that were once available to them.

Lack of Structure & Supervision: Some experts blame the parents, claiming they aren’t creating enough structure and supervision at home when their children are doing homework.

Not enough Sleep or Healthy Food: Others put the emphasis on how tired the children seem to be, claiming they’re not getting sufficient sleep at night. Others emphasize that children are not eating healthy breakfasts in the morning and that they’re given too much sugar.

Too Narrow an Approach: Certain experts claim that our teaching methods are focused almost solely on developing the cognitive abilities in a child and don’t take all the other aspects (the emotional aspect, in particular) of the child’s psyche into consideration.  They say we need to step back and look at a bigger picture, using what they call the “whole child” view on our approach to education.  

Social & Emotional Problems: Another approach is to look at such problems as substance abuse, bullying, parental marital problems at home, and disorders involving depression and anxiety.

All of these reasons seem valid to one extent or another. Parents and teachers together need to continue trying to improve these circumstances in every way they can. It seems evident that there are many contributing factors, and each needs to be recognized.

EMF Exposure: The Missing Piece to the Puzzle
It’s just recently that scientists have been looking at another very important piece of the puzzle, and that is the amount of EMF exposure children are being subjected to these days. EMFs come from every electronic and electrical device in the house, but especially from anything and everything WiFi compatible.  As computers and cell phones are now part of everyday life, the amount of EMF exposure we’re engulfed in is off the charts. Our children are being bombarded with EMFs everywhere they turn. 

Connecting the Dots
Few people have connected the dots between the increasing assault of all these EMFs on our children and their learning difficulties. Today, there are hundreds of studies that have correlated EMF exposure with not only a number of physical health symptoms, but also with symptoms such as:
Impaired concentration
Short-term memory loss
Depression and anxiety
Behavioral problems
Sleep disturbances
EMF exposure has also been linked to ADHD, Asthma, and Autism—disorders which greatly interfere with children’s abilities to learn. (INFO PAGE)

Research has shown that children are especially vulnerable to the effects of EMFs because their brains and nervous systems are still developing, and their immature immune systems can’t fight off the effects of EMFs as well as those of adults.

EMF Protection
As well as reducing EMFs as much as possible at both home and school, we recommend the use of good EMF protection. EarthCalm offers effective and powerful EMF protection products that have been tested and consistently improved over the past 30 years. Many parents have written to us about the effectiveness of the products in their children’s learning and concentration problems. After getting EMF protection, some children get better grades, are less hyperactive, get better sleep, and also have fewer digestive problems. (Visit our Reviews page HERE!) 

EMF Exposure may not be the only reason so many children are failing in school these days, but it is definitely making the problem much worse. Check out our "EMF Protection For Children" page!


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