A Word From Jeanne Gallick
"I used to live my life in chronic ill health. It consumed me, and I devoted much of my energy towards trying to find a solution. In the early ‘80s, I read an article that explained how pollution levels inside the home were even worse than outside, and I began to wonder if some form of pollution was at the root of my condition. I started experimenting with this idea in my home, trying to seal off sources of pollution that were named in the article, such as plywood, synthetic carpets, and fragrances. Nothing I did made any difference.
During this time, I came across a book by Dr. Robert Becker called Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution,The Promise of Electromedicine. Dr. Becker clearly laid out the problem of electromagnetic pollution, and how it is a hazard to human health. It didn’t take me long to discover, through exposure tests, that electro-pollution was exactly what had been making me so sick for so long.
I have a background in experimental psychology, so detailed observation and scientific methodology come naturally to me. I turned all my energy towards research and experimentation, learning how electricity and microwave radiation work, and searching for ways to protect myself against its hazardous effects.
My first breakthrough came about when a friend recommended a book called Waves that Heal by Mark Clement. The book summarizes the work of Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky. Lakhovsky was one of the first scientists to theorize about the power behind the earth’s electromagnetic field. In the 1920’s, he designed a copper oscillating circuit which he found vibrated in tune with the Earth’s natural resonance. He opened a clinic and began healing terminally ill cancer patients with these same circuits. (I later found that the resonance established by Lakhovsky’s coil, was acting on the same concept as scalar, or zero-point energy, which Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein studied and theorized about in the early 1900’s.)
After reading Waves that Heal, I made a Lakhovsky circuit and wore it as a bracelet for about a year. I didn’t observe any definite improvement until, in an experiment, I applied silicone to the end of the bracelet, which seemed to activate it immediately. The minute I did this, a bolt of energy went through me and I felt grounded into the Earth - my lifelong, chronic headache literally disappeared. This was the first stage on my road to restored health. 

Through intensive research, and countless experiments, I began to develop a series of circuits, which I added to the original Lakhovsky circuit. I placed these circuits into a silver resonator tubing which I wore around my neck, and over a matter of years I was able to incorporate them into housings that could be plugged directly into any AC current. I found that when I used both of these devices together I experienced a dramatic increase in energy, and the constant fog and pain that I had suffered with for so long had completely diminished. For the first time in my life I felt vital and completely healthy. These devices became the basis of a set of products which I created and have continually improved upon over the past 30 years. They are based on the multiplication of sets of 7 fundamental circuits that mirror and resonate with the earth’s electromagnetic field. We now call this Mirror Resonance Technology. 
Over the years, numerous laboratories have tested Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT), and it has been established that MRT reduces chronic headaches, normalizes blood pressure, reduces chronic ADD, and even increases the conductivity of human DNA. These profound results have helped me to recognize the importance of making this technology accessible to all.

To my great joy, I have heard from hundreds of EarthCalm customers whose lives have been changed because of MRT. We hear report after report of recoveries from migraine headaches, arthritic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, ADHD, and many other depressed immune conditions.

Rapid, unchecked, technological growth has made us test cases for the effects of human exposure to microwave radiation and EMFs. This is why finding a solution, in the form of MRT, has been such an extraordinary gift. My hope is that everyone can experience the same restoration in their lives as I, and countless others, have thus far. EarthCalm technology is an important modality for health in this age, and I encourage everybody to incorporate this powerful form of protection into their daily lives." 
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