NEW 2020 Infinity Home System
NEW 2020 Infinity Home System

NEW 2020 Infinity Home System

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  • Upgraded EMF Defense:NEW Plug-in Phases 1-4
  • Boosted Power:All new "5th Phase" Infinity Boost
  • More Protective Options:WiFi router & phone charger outlets
  • World-Wide Version:Now available INTERNATIONALLY!
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee:Feel free to try it out!
Infinity Home System
Installing an Infinity Home System in your home or office is a powerful way to defend yourself, and your loved ones, against the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The Home System introduces resonant information into a building’s electrical grid, which diminishes the harmful effects of the EMFs produced by the electricity moving through your home’s wiring, as well as the EMFs produced by any plugged-in appliances and electronics. The hazards from smart meters, wireless routers, and electronics that produce microwave radiation can also be lessened if they are physically plugged into the Infinity-protected grid. 

One Infinity Home System provides whole-house EMF defense, 24 hours a day. If you have multiple electrical meters in your home or office, you will need one Infinity Home System per meter. 

Please remember: Whole-house EMF protection should not take the place of personal EMF reduction. Radiation levels have increased dramatically over the years, and they will continue to increase, which means that reducing the usage of all things wireless has become highly important. This is especially true for devices that are designed to be held up-close. Remember that awareness, reduction AND protection are all integral when it comes to maintaining EMF health in today’s world.

Product Adaptation
It is important to note that not everyone reacts to our products in the same way. This is because the effects of EMF exposure can vary greatly from one person to the next. People who are electrosensitive may need extra time to adapt to our technology. Some experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches or nausea, for a short time, before their state of health begins to improve. Our Home Systems have four separate Phases to allow for a slow increase in protective strength. Add the Infinity Boost for an even greater defense. LEARN MORE.

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