New!! Quantum Boost
New!! Quantum Boost

New!! Quantum Boost

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  • More WiFi Protection:For wireless, smart and RFID electronics and appliances!
  • For Smart Meters:Place on or near to your Smart Meter!
  • New 2021 Technology:Our most powerful level of defense yet.
  • Layer Your Protection:Optimize with the Infinity Home System.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee:Feel free to try it out!
  • 1-Year Warranty:Purchase with confidence!
  • Dimensions:2.50" x 1.63" x 0.80"
Ready to boost your wireless EMF defense? The Quantum Boost is the perfect way to elevate your level of protection. Place one on any wireless, smart, or RFID electronic or appliance to diminish the effect of its hazardous EMF output. Can also be used on your car or truck! This product contains our latest 2021 technology. At home and/or work, use the Quantum Boost in combination with the EarthCalm Infinity Home System for optimal results.

Apply the Quantum Boost to things like:
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Wireless gaming systems
  • Smart TVs
  • Blue-tooth stereo equipment
  • AM-FM radios
  • Wireless devices and computers
  • Smart / RFID appliances, like refrigerators, washers and dryers
  • Smart meters* (electrical, water, solar)

*Some power companies have policies against attaching anything to their smart meters. If you find that it’s not allowed to apply directly, the Quantum Boost can be mounted anywhere near the smart meter as well.

Quantum Boost Instructions:

1. Choose where you will place your Quantum Boost, and make sure the area is clean and dry. 
2. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive Velcro found on the back of the Quantum Boost.
3. Place adhesive side down to the clean, dry area, and press firmly to adhere.

  • The Quantum Boost does not need to be turned on or off, and it doesn’t need to be charged
  • You can clean the unit with a dry cloth, such as microfiber.
  • This product is waterproof, so it can safely be applied to outside appliances and devices (such as Smart Meters).
  • Do not apply to any surface that heats beyond 110 degrees.   

EarthCalm: Powerful EMF Protection for Over 30 Years!

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