Quantum Cell Instructions:

Adhesive: The permanent adhesive backing provided for this product is optional. Instead of adhering the Quantum Cell, you can simply place it between your device and a secure case. If you do wish to use the adhesive, simply pull off the white tab on one side and adhere it to the Quantum Cell. Next, pull off the white tab on the other side of the adhesive and adhere, sticky side down, to your vehicle or device. 

For use on cell phones & wireless devices: For best results, adhere the Quantum Cell over where the battery is located on your device. Alternatively, you can slide the Quantum Cell between your device and its case, if it has one. 

For use on vehicles: Adhere the Quantum Cell to any exposed metal frame inside the vehicle, such as the trunk, door frame, under the steering column, or behind the seats.

For use on WiFi routers: Adhere the Quantum Cell to any flat surface. Never cover vents or buttons.

For use on smart meters & solar inverters: Adhere the Quantum Cell to any available surface, and cover it with weather-proof tape.

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