Wearable EMF & WiFi Protection
These days, as we travel from here to there, we may be exposed to literally thousands of different signals and frequencies all at one time! This type of exposure is harmful to our bodies, so when we’re not within the safety of an EMF protected space, it is very important to wear EMF & WiFi protection at all times. Here at EarthCalm, we have several powerful, wearable options to suit your lifestyle!

NEW! Sanctuary Buddy
The Sanctuary Buddy is a brand new wearable that can be worn in multiple ways! Clip it to a belt loop or a backpack, wear it around your neck - the choice is yours! The Buddy is a perfect wearable for kids and adults alike. Like our other new products, it contains our latest 2021 technology, which is powerful, yet safe for children too!

NEW! Sanctuary Pod
The new Sanctuary Pod fits securely inside an included adjustable band. The band is soft and flexible, making it very comfortable to wear on either the wrist or ankle. We suggest keeping the Sanctuary Pod on as much as you can; whether at home, work, or out and about. This new wearable is an excellent way to defend yourself against the hazards of man-made EMFs!

NEW! Sanctuary GO
We designed the Sanctuary GO to be convenient to carry anywhere life takes you. It's shape and size allows for lots of flexibility! You can tuck it into your backpack, handbag, or even your pocket when en'route, or, simply place it next to you as you work, drive etc. Just keep it close throughout your day for powerful EMF defense on-the-go! 

EarthCalm Customers Report
• Relief from tinnitus
• Blood pressure normalized
• Calming effect for hyperactivity
• Increased energy
• Relief from depression & anxiety
• Relief from chronic headaches
• Improved sleep
• Improved memory
• Greater sense of calm & well-being
• Relief from asthma symptoms
• Enhanced alertness
• Fewer colds and flus

EarthCalm Product Research
1.Test Report and Opinion on Physical and Biological Effects of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products 
by Walter Hannes Medinger, M.Sc., Ph.D., June 15, 2012, IIREC Austria. 

 2. The Effects of the EarthCalm Resonator on Heart Rate Variability and the Bio-Field 
by Lisa Tully, PhD, April 22, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute. 
 3. SCIO Research Testing of EarthCalm Traditional Resonator Pendant 
by Carmen Hironimus, CBT. 

Take one symptom — such as headaches, digestive problems, or insomnia — and test any EarthCalm product for 90 days, and experience the difference. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money back, no questions asked.
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NEW!! Sanctuary GO
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NEW!! Sanctuary Pod
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New!! Sanctuary Buddy
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