"I've been using the Infinity Home System for about 3 weeks now. I feel compelled to write my feedback to you after using the system. I always know that EMF is detrimental and I could feel the effects of it on myself physically. That's the reason why I've been using products that help to neutralize its effects on me for many years. Earthcalm products are the initial products I've been exploring but didn't get as I'm unsure of its efficacy, especially after watching YouTube videos of others opening up the products to look into its interior. However, for some unknown reasons, I decided to give the Infinity Home System a try, as Singapore has been progressively rolling out 5G network since few years ago. I also started to develop tension headaches, even though I've been using other EMF protection tools. Upon receiving the product, I disregarded the advice to set up the system progressively, as I feel it shouldn't matter since I've been using similar products for so many years. Boy, I was so wrong! After installing both phase 1 & 2 concurrently in the house, I started to feel a sense of unwell and nausea 2 days into using it. Initially I assume it was due to me eaten wrong foods but I thought could it be the system? I took out phase 2 and I recovered within 24 hours! Being the skeptic, I plugged in phase 2 again and the same nauseous feeling returned by night fall. I removed phase 2 again. It's only on this Monday that I think I'm ready for the full system to be working without side effects. Today is Wednesday and I'm feeling as good as ever. One thing that stood out .. my chronic headache seems to have relieved tremendously! I always thought it's due to my muscle tension in the neck and have been having a nagging worry that it might be a symptom to something more insidious. Turns out that the Infinity Home Protection system resolves this issue, and as for the chronic headache, I'm absolutely sure it's attributed to the EMF! Why I'm so sure this time round is that the tension headache resolves itself gradually within 2 hours when I'm at home! There's no other possible reasons to explain this outcome, as all other factors remain constant, except of the installation of the Infinity Home System!"

Cedric, Singapore

"I purchased the previous version of the infinity last December but decided to get this lastest one for possibly traveling in the future. After picking it up from the post office, I decided to use the new version and set it up right away after arriving home. Somehow I had a feeling that it would be more powerful. I was right! I feel that it somehow creates an oasis like feeling, almost as if I am in heaven all the time! After purchasing a new iPad in April this year, I started to experience heart palpitations and was quite alarmed. Surprisingly for the most part, after plugging in the new Infinity, my symptoms have completely disappeared! Plus I feel that there is just a lot more positive energy in my home and I sleep even more deeper. Thank you so much Earthcalm for this magical new infinity!"
Teresa, Canada

"I've suffered from electrohypersensitivity (EHS) for many years. After researching other EMF-countering products for over a year and trying one brand with no apparent success, we finally took the plunge and ordered the Infinity Home System last fall. I was so excited to try it that I plugged it in with all four switches turned on! I had a huge headache and other "detox" symptoms within a day and knew that I needed to follow the instructions for gradual adjustment due to my sensitivity. Within a week, all four switches were on and I experienced (for the first time in a LONG time) a complete absence of recurrent headaches! It has been 5 months now and I still have yet to have my (normally frequent) EMF-related headaches. My children and I seem to sleep a little better overall as well; since we are so sensitive, even a slight improvement is fantastic. I feel better able to cope with the frequencies in my home. In addition, my tinnitus appears to have improved slightly at times, especially when I haven't been exposed to a lot of outside sources of RF. I also purchased a Sanctuary Pendant for myself and for my 3 children, Nova Resonator Bands. I feel confident now going out in public that I've done something to proactively counter the all-encompassing EMF sources that constantly bombard us. Thank you for your great products that really do make a difference. I've already shared your products with others and they too have reported great success! Thank you!" 

Katie S. 

"After a friend had extreme symptoms (nausea, had to crawl to her bathroom after phase 1-2), and her husband could feel a difference when he was away from home traveling, we decided to try it. We weren't sure exactly how it worked but were willing to try it out, as we are always looking for ways to protect ourselves and our young children. We live in a rural area so we didn't expect too much response, but previously we had lived in the middle of town, in an apartment complex with 4 smart meters outside of our bedroom wall. Within an hour of plugging in the home system, my husband and I both had low grade headaches, and he had extreme brain fog - like couldn't carry on a conversation and focus. I was in my third trimester pregnant and had an immediate energy boost - cleaned bathrooms and toilets and the whole house (with a toddler running around). The first night we had it plugged in, my then 2.5 year old woke up 6 times in the night to drink water. He was born in the bedroom where there were 4 smart meters on the outside, so he had high levels of EMF exposure in utero and the first year of his life. We didn't feel much as we plugged in phases 2-4 but I have now purchased the Synergy booster and the InfinityX. In our ever increasing EMF toxic world, thank you EarthCalm for the sometimes confusing technology that works and helps provide another layer of protection at the most basic, mitochondrial layer. We take it with us everywhere we go and it helps us sleep better in hotels and other homes. With a 4 year old and 1 year old, we love the layers of protection that the home system provides and I am now looking to become a distributor because I believe in the products that much."

Tory, Oklahoma

"My son Jamie has been described by educators, child development specialists, social workers, and mental health professionals as Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Negative Attention-Seeking Personality Disorder, Gifted with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, ADD, ADHD and High Functioning Autism-Asperger's Syndrome. Based on my understanding, all these labels were appropriate. Prior to my introducing EarthCalm products, Jamie received many years of professional help and underwent various therapies, with no appreciable changes; problem situations and behaviors became increasingly more frequent and more serious in nature as he approached his teen years. "Jamie was 14 when I introduced the EarthCalm Infinity Home System. When the base was installed, he noticed within minutes that something in the home was having an effect on him. He asked me what was in the house that made him feel "slowed down" and asked me to validate his "slowed down speech" and stuttering. He was in fact speaking normally and not stuttering. His words expressed serious concern; however, he was unusually calm. 

 Within the first 3 weeks of using the EarthCalm Home System, and for 3 consecutive days, Jamie put himself to bed at 5:30 pm and slept through to 8:30 am the next day. A few days later, it seemed like Jamie transformed from a lion into a lamb. His communication showed increasingly greater maturity and composure. He began to show improved emotional self control, co-operation and compliance together with improved understanding and consideration for other people's feelings. 

 After completing adjustment to the Infinity Home System, Jamie wore an EarthCalm Nova Resonator, and about 2 weeks later started a new school year with students and staff, a rotating timetable and activities that were all new to him. Adapting to new situations and new individuals was previously problematic; however, Jamie adapted to the new school with remarkable ease. "Within the fist several months of using the EarthCalm products, I noticed many changes that resulted from Jamie relating better to others with understanding of the consequences and impact of his words and behavior. He formed friendships for the first time, and had a large group of friends from varied social circles. He developed positive relationships with teachers and became a much more productive and responsible student. Also for the first time, he was successfully navigating his way with road maps using the local bus service.

Over the past several years Jamie has been supported by the use of all of the products EarthCalm manufactures. I am convinced use of the EarthCalm products helped Jamie develop improved self control, more positive interaction skills and a more effective cognitive-based approach to life's demands. He is much happier and shows greater self-confidence. The change in his cognitive abilities was reflected in his school grades. In the years prior to introducing EarthCalm products, Jamie's grades had tumbled to near failing. With the use of EarthCalm products, his grades improved such that by the 4th year of use, his grades were mostly in the range of A+. He has recently graduated University attaining a Bachelor's degree, while also working in sales and supervisory positions. Jamie credits EarthCalm for his successes and explained that they helped him think clearer and made learning easier. "I am deeply grateful to you Jean for the benefits and accomplishments my son has realized from using your inventions." 

Leah K., Toronto, Canada

"I received my Home EMF Protection System yesterday, and I have already seen an amazing result. Last night, when I got home from work, I excitedly ripped open my package…and then immediately jumped up to plug it in. I didn’t even stop to really read the instructions…just get it started already! (anxiety and irritability much?) You see, my daughter has not slept well for weeks, and has displayed many of the symptoms described by other people here. She often has headaches, stomach aches, turbulent sleep patterns, and an inability to concentrate. Because of this, she has encountered failing grades and diminishing self esteem. She is just tired of being tired. So, back to last night. For the first time in ages, she actually stayed focused on her homework for over 2 ½ hours…then curled up on her bed and slept like she hadn’t in eons. She often snores, but not last night! She got a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep…and woke up feeling great! Double thank you for that!!!!! This morning when I left for work, I just HAD to see what would happen in the office when I took it with me. I manage a team of 8 people that works in a high stress, client service environment, surrounded by computers and wireless connections… The team usually starts off the day in high spirits, everyone feeling good, but by mid day, they are dragging, tired and well, done. Today I have seen a calm and productive team, who are able to manage issues effectively, instead of letting it drive them crazy (thus driving them to my office). Utterly amazing. Needless to say, I am seriously looking forward to what tomorrow brings on the home front and the work front…excellent results!!!!"

L.M., California

“I just want to say THANK YOU so much Earth Calm for the home EMF protection system. My health has been transformed since the day I plugged it into my home. I am very sensitive to EMF’s and could feel an energy shift in my body as soon as I plugged it in. I am sleeping soundly with an elevated mood and lots of energy now without any effort. I also feel (all the time!) that I just walked out of a yoga class. Peaceful and blissful! That is how grounded your product is making me feel. I am so grateful to you and this product. I am a stay at home Mom and I can now finally enjoy being at home with my kids. Now if every home could have one of these products… we would be a happier planet.”

Niki Noyes

"I recently bought a Home EMF Protection System. I had already been sleeping on an earthing sheet for six months, but the Home Protection System is very effective at giving me a deep sense of calm that I wasn’t getting from just earthing because, well, you cannot ALWAYS be in contact with the sheet or mat!"

Julie B, France

"My personal experience with the Home EMF Protection System: Moments after I plugged the device into one of the outlets in my home, I felt myself breathing more deeply than I had been – a sense of my lungs and entire rib cage area opening, as though some long-held tension had just been released. With this came a sweet feeling of contentment, ease and happiness. I smiled, within a feeling that “yes, this is a good thing.” Since I’m already relatively healthy, I progressed fairly quickly through the three stages – designed to gently and gradually acclimate the nervous system to its new and healthier electromagnetic environment. After several months, it was time for me to either send the Home EMF Protection System device back to EarthCalm, or to actually purchase it. Since I was feeling a bit pinched for cash, I decided to send it back. The moment that I pulled in out of its electrical socket, I could feel an increase in nervous-system agitation. By later that evening (after I had already gone to the post office, to send it off), the nervous-system agitation had increased to a very uncomfortable level, and it took me nearly three hours to fall asleep (vs. my usual 15-30 minutes). As I was lying there in bed, my eyes wide open, I also noticed that I had a low-grade headache, a low-grade sore throat, a bit of nasal discharge, and a distinct feeling of constriction in my chest, with each breath. The next morning, I woke up still feeling fatigued and agitated, and noticed in addition a low-level aching in my joints. Well, suffice it to say that it took me less than 48 hours to order a new Home Protection System — and plan to have it as an ongoing fixture in my living-space, for as long as possible!"

Elizabeth Reninger, CO

 "The smart meter will most likely be something we’ll be forced to live with, despite all the opposition – and the EarthCalm device has saved my life. I did not know what was wrong with me until I went away on vacation and all the symptoms virtually disappeared overnight. The symptoms were so bad that I thought I was dying. The EKG and blood work were normal, yet life became very difficult for a normally healthy person. I was devastated upon return from the trip to realize that something in our home was the cause, as all the symptoms returned. We also discovered what an effect the smart meter had on our pets after Earthcalm was installed. The dogs had stopped sleeping on their magnet beds (rated very high in EMFs on the Gauss meter) which they had enjoyed for many years – until the smart meter was installed. Also around that time, the 20 doves in the bird room started moulting in the extreme, leaving one bird with a totally bald neck. Within a week or two of EarthCalm, the moulting decreased and the bald dove is back to normal – incredible – they were the canaries in the coal mine. We suffered for over 8 months until EarthCalm restored our health. We have signed many petitions and one e-newsletter had stories about pets in distress, to which I replied to regarding our great success with EarthCalm. Animals suffer in silence and I wanted the public to be informed about solutions, as there is no guarantee that the smart meter will go away. They replied rather hastily that they are not allowed to promote any products, which is understandable – but I wanted to encourage the public to go online for help – which is how I found you. I can’t imagine a normal life for me or our animals, without EarthCalm. Thank you for your wonderful product!"

Terry Yada, Canada

"We have 6 cats in our house. The oldest was having seizures at least twice a week and I was sure she wouldn’t be around much longer. After installing the Home Protection System the seizures stopped and the cat is as healthy as the rest of them and will be with us for quite some time!"

Richard, Georgia

"The Earthcalm Home EMF Protection System works wonders. I can’t believe it. My bum right knee feels like new with no more pain. My anger and anxiety are all gone and I no longer feel stressed out and depressed.Such an amazing product. It took me a month and a half to get used to all 3 stages, but I’ve adjusted well now.I am going to purchase the Omega Wi-Fi soon. Thank you all for looking out for humanity."

Chris R., Tampa FL

"Due to my line of work I was forced for the last 14 months to work on my computer 10 to 12 hours a day. The hypertension had gotten so bad, it often scared me. I was fully aware of the fact that the electromagnetic energy from the computer and the additional office equipment were to blame. When I left the office at night and sat in my Laz-y-boy to read my paper, I often did not get any further than the obituaries and I fell deep asleep. Well Jean, all that instantly stopped 10 to 15 minutes after I plugged in my Home Protection System. At first I asked myself: Is this psychosomatic? But 2 to 3 hours later I knew it was for real. During the initial hour I felt as if someone had put a veil over the gray matter between my ears. Not that I was unable to get any work done, even so I felt somewhat phlegmatic. As a matter of fact I accomplished quite a lot. During the next couple of hours, that veil dissipated, and I suddenly felt totally at peace. I was overcome by a feeling of immense happiness. Not that I am a morbid person to begin with, it was just such an elated state of being, that I said to myself: This is totally nuts. Another thing I have noticed: I am now able to sit up straight. Due to some severe spinal injuries in my youth, whether I am walking, running or sitting, I have a tendency to constantly slump. I have stopped that almost instantly. It is definitely not a conscious reminder, it just happens. My upper back suddenly stopped feeling so enormously tired."

Kelly W., MI.

"I was hopeful the EarthCalm products would be beneficial to my family, though I confess, I was a bit dubious. The day after the Home Protection System was plugged in, my 18 month-old started sleeping easily through the night, as well as napping more easily, longer, and without fuss. My 5-year-old has less bed-wetting episodes as well, starting the next night. Two weeks later, the baby still naps and sleeps perfectly and my 5-year-old has had only 2 accidents. I tried the Quantum Cells on our cell phones too. The pain in my hand from holding my iPhone during a call was just much reduced–somewhere between completely gone and much reduced. It’s hard for me to believe, but the tingling, numbing pain in my hand is just not there."

Alexia M., PA

"I was given the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System to test; and a week after I installed it, I took my blood pressure, which has been averaging 140/88 (on medications) and 160’s/90’s (off meds), with intermittently higher readings. I thought the machine was experiencing an error when it measured my BP at 115/78. I haven’t seen such a low reading for several years! I’ve been recording measurements daily since then, under different circumstances and times of day, and they are all similar. With this personal experience I am enthusiastic enough to design and perform clinical trials to see if these results can be reproduced. Such validation would give me confidence to prescribe these devices for my patients.”

BH, MD, Austin TX

"My 11-year-old dog had a large growth removed from her leg a year ago. After the surgery, she developed a limp and became very lethargic. I got a Home Protection System for myself and wasn’t thinking about my dog or that it might have any effect on her. But a couple of weeks after I plugged it in, I noticed that her spirits seemed greatly improved–she seemed eager to go out and explore again and wanted to play. And I also noticed that she was no longer limping."

Deanna L., CA

"I experience headaches, nausea and trouble concentrating when surrounded by EMFs. At work I’m surrounded by 200+ computers and my desk is less than 100 feet from a cell phone tower. I have tried different devices, but have only found one that works. I now use a home protection system by EarthCalm. I gradually added each piece of the system at 2 week intervals. Once I finally got to the full system, I noticed a fast improvement in my health. Since I could only afford one home protection system , I take the unit from home to work with me every day. I’m amazed that after years of being sick, I actually feel good now! I would recommend anyone having a sensitivity to EMF’s to give one of EarthCalm’s products a try."

April F., CA

"Well, I just got through cleaning the condo from stem to stern….if THAT isn’t an endorsement (and proof) of the efficaciousness of the Home Protection System, I don’t know what is! I am so happy to feel this strong and energetic. The problem before was that my limbs were getting weak and just wouldn’t “go” when I wanted them to. I was actually becoming disabled. Today I felt so wonderful that I decided to clean, as I just said. There’s no way I can “make” myself clean, if my body doesn’t feel like it. I always knew I wasn’t a lazy person. And here I am today—-mopping and dusting and vacuuming….. (This is only the second time I have mopped since I moved in here in May of 2008. The last time I mopped, it took everything I had to get this body to do it. This time I had plenty of strength and energy.)"

Terri S., Texas

"I ordered the Home Protection System and the Omega WiFi because my son was experiencing grand-mal seizures as well as Tourettes symptoms–constant twitching, eye tics and inability to sit still. I took him to doctors, changed his diet and nothing seemed to work. As a last resort I bought EarthCalm products. After two months of a rough detox, my son is no longer having any seizures at all, his Tourette’s symptoms have completely cleared up, as well as many of his food allergies. EarthCalm has literally changed our lives!!"

Brianna, UT

"The ringing in my ears went away after using the Home Protection System for one night. I also noted relief from severe neck and back pain from an old injury.” 

 Don S., CA

 "I had cataract surgery a year and a half ago and my right eye developed scar tissue over the lens. It caused me to be practically blind in that eye as far as being able to read was concerned. Everything was blurry and I had to constantly squint. I couldn’t afford the surgery to go back and have it corrected though and had to just live with it. I work on a computer all day and had to get readers to be able to see.After just 2-3 weeks of plugging in the first stage, I no longer needed my glasses! My vision is getting better and better all the time. Thank-you so much."

Cathy E, FL

"I am a true believer in the Quantum Cell and Home Protection System. I first heard about the products from my sister. The house I was previously living in had a Smart Meter right on the other side of my bedroom wall. I was waking up every morning with a headache. Since I’ve installed the Home EMF Protection System I no longer experience daily headaches. I also have the quantum Cell device on my cell phone, which I keep on me at all times. I do this because one day I went to town without my cell phone, (that won’t happen again.) While in town I stated getting a headache and just figured it was from the stress of driving in a heavy traffic and shopping in really crowded stores. But when I got home and settled down from a day out I noticed my headache was gone. So as not to assume this was just stress, I repeated going out without my cellphone 2 more times and each time within 10 minutes my headache would return. Then as soon as I was home it would go away again. I also repeated this experiment with my cell phone on me–no headache. My conclusion was the cell phone protection did make a difference when I was away from the house. I now carry it with me at all times. My next product will be the Nova Resonator Pendant."

Marla D., CA

"My son has had ADHD since birth–never slept well, always irritable & restless. When he started school, he was a nightmare for his teachers…with the Home Protection System, he has calmed down so much, I was in tears when I first saw this. He now sleeps better and is able to concentrate at school…"

Grace S., Boston, MA

"I really wasn’t expecting anything, but much to my surprise, as soon as I plugged just the first plug in,a calm came over me, a sense of gentle well-being, as tension just drained from my body…I had no idea that tension was even in my body." 

Jean H., WA

 "So far it is a feeling of well being. I can say that the Home Protection Unit did lower my blood pressure and pulse when I got the second plug in. I no longer have panic attacks; so I was able to slash my beta blocker medicine in half and still have 118-60 and lower, with 75 pulse rate. Before the Home Protection Unit, my blood pressure with full medication was 120-140 over 75-85 with 80-85 pulse rate. I am no longer looking for a chair after I bend over to pick up something or exert myself for some reason. I find myself getting up from a chair without thinking about it before hand – just automatically doing it. Ino longer dread getting out of bed or walking down the hall. I assume that I will soon be able to discontinue the high blood pressure medicine completely. I have started to lose weight also which I have not been able to do for years due to stress and gout which was triggered by the uric acid entering the blood stream from the breaking down of fat cells even while taking medicine to handle uric acid. Something is happening to my internal organs to bring this about; but I have no idea what. Despite my tendency to gout, the additional uric acid that is entering my blood from the breakdown of fat cells and the fact that my diet is 85-90% uric acid producing foods, I not only have not had a gout attack but am actually losing weight in the form of fat along with water without trying to diet. I also find that I now have better control over my bladder. I feel this is due to an improvement in my nervous and muscular systems. I find that I am better on my feet; and each week my balance is getting better." 

Bernice B.

"My family and I have been using the EarthCalm Products for over a year now. In our home we have the Home Protection System and my daughter and I wear the Resonator. Before we started using these products, I was suffering with chronic, deep hip socket pain that kept me awake at night. My daughter had a terrible time focusing on her classes and was actually failing several of them. Within ten hours of using the Infinity Home Protection System the pain in my hip joints completely disappeared. That night I slept without tossing and turning for the first time in ages! As for my daughter, within just a few weeks, and especially after she started wearing the Resonator, her grades turned around and she found renewed enthusiasm for her schoolwork. All of her grades were brought up to either and “As” and “Bs” from “Fs” and she made a decision about what to do for her career! I do believe that her lack of concentration was due to the fact that her school has a cell phone tower right on the premises."

Karen B, Pittsburgh, PA

"Within twelve hours the sensitivity and vertigo I experienced since teenage years literally disappeared and my heart beat is stable. I have not had a panic attack since I bought the system. Now I know it was not panic attacks I suffered from, but electrosensitivity." 

Eva S., NY

"I cannot thank you enough for this product. I had been taking medications for the past 10 years and the calcium and toxins had built up around my bones and spine which caused a lot of pain and bone cracking. Now after using the home system all the build-up has been eliminated from my body."

Gail L, GA

"The hour before receiving and plugging the EarthCalm in, our area had been heavily chem-trailed and I was feeling the effects. My whole system felt as though it was shutting down, constricting. I had a definite metallic taste in my mouth. My body felt acidic. I had sharp pain at the base of my skull. I was extremely fatigued and agitated. Within minutes of plugging the EarthCalm into the wall, my whole body began to relax. Within an hour, the metallic taste was gone, the pain in my head was gone, my energy began to return and a sense of calm and happiness came. I also experienced a runny nose the rest of that day. My husband who is easily chilled kept asking me if the heater was on, he felt so warm. The following day, we had planned to begin the lemonade diet. We followed the protocol until noon, when I had to stop because I was simply cleansing too fast. I also want to mention sleep. I have a history of menopausal insomnia. From the first night with the EarthCalm, I have been sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night. And it is a deep, sound, restful sleep. Each day I feel a little better, more balanced, more energetic, and joyful. I will be recommending this product to everyone I know."

Kathryn M., NY

"We purchased the Home Protection System a while ago, and I wanted to let you know what I noticed. After we had begun using it, I happened to go outside, and instead of the usual feeling of calm that I feel when I step outside (and thus away from an electricity filled house) I felt….nothing. Going outside was the same as being inside. Both were calm. A little while later I realized this was probably because of the device. About a week or so after this, we had a power failure in our area (it was during the day). Usually the first thing that I notice in power failures is that all of the sudden the hum of appliances and the accompanying nervous feeling I experience from that is gone. Peace. When the power failure happened, I had to look around at the clocks on the appliances to see what happened because I did not experience a contrast between “on” and “off”. Again, both were calm. Both of these events happened at times when I was not thinking at all about the effectiveness of the device. That is, I noticed the effects but only later realized it was the device. I also had a period of detoxing during the initial weeks of use. It wasn’t until months later that I realized I have significantly fewer headaches than before. Thanks!"

S.A., CA

"As my health went from bad to worse, I started to wonder if the cell phone tower could possibly have anything to do with my symptoms. The pain, anxiety, depression and mental fog had increased so dramatically with the installation of this monster, that it couldn’t be mere coincidence. As I researched the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the internet, I found your website and decided to try your invention. Since your products carry a 90-day money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I should also mention that I have two adorable little Poodles under two years old and I was worried about the EMF effects on their tiny bodies, as well. I realize that this is going to sound “too good to be true”, but I kid you not, this is exactly what I experienced: At 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon, I plugged in my Home Protection System and sat down at the kitchen table to make a grocery list. I wasn’t expecting anything, but literally within minutes, I felt the pain begin to drain out of my body. The tension I didn’t even realize I was feeling, started to leave. When you live with a condition long enough, you don’t remember what “normal” feels like. For years, I hadn’t been comfortable in my own body. I always felt like I was going to fly out of my skin. I felt like crying all the time. I felt absolutely hopeless. I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was to feel the pain, the depression, the anxiety and nervousness, the mental fog just being drawn downward out of my mind and body. I could breathe again. I didn’t feel like crying. The pain was at least 65% better. My eyes didn’t burn and hurt and water. I just sat there in total amazement as this happened to me. Within a half hour, both of my dogs got up and began to play like two year old Poodles. They raced around the house, played tug of war with toys, ran up and down the stairs happy as could be. They had been acting like little old men before the Earth Calm Home Protection System was installed. Jean, I don’t pretend to understand how your products work. All I know is that, after all these years of suffering and being afraid of the future and feeling like I was going to die, your products have given me my life back!!!!!! That’s how well they work when up against a huge cell phone mast 250 feet away. Think what they can do for the average home! I have so much energy now. I honestly feel like I used to when I was a little kid, and there was no blanket of harmful EMF fields surrounding everything. It was worth every penny."

T. Jacobson, MN

"I am very very pleased with the EarthCalm home protection system. The field in our house had become so bad for me (I am electrosensitive, getting steadily worse in the last 5 years to where I can’t do anything involving electricity now, and just sitting there in my house gave mesplitting headaches, constant brain-itch, clogged ears, numb parts of my head) that I had taken to curling in a sleeping bag on the lawn to get some sleep. So I literally couldn’t bear to wait for weeks for your system to start working full strength, so we gave each stage a day or so and now 4 days after getting it, it’s already working full force (sorry!). But we love it! I am alive again. (I also use the Atlas Band, it gave me instant relief from the headaches I’ve been having in the last month at home. I think the Band also helped with the adjustment periods being so short for me.) Thank you so much, Jean! I am very very impressed (I’ve tried every orgone pyramid and tesla pendant, every charged feng shui plate and celestial grid imprint in the country, including all q-link products, (their powered nimbus seemed to further fry my brain) and this is by far the strongest I’ve felt, and a real real relief. (I cried when i first turned it on. Really, my eyes filled with relief.)"

Ina G, CO

"I have suffered from systemic Candida for 30 years and medical doctors have not able to do anything to help me. In 2000, I turned to alternative therapies for help. I have used various herbal products to detoxify my system but none have been able to do the job completely. The home protection system is now doing what those herbal products could not do. Thanks."

Sally C., NV

"According to your website, all those cell phones, computers, power-lines are really screwing up our natural magnetism and our natural grounding within the electromagnetic field of the earth. At first it seemed like nothing much happened when I plugged those puppies in (EarthCalm Home Protection System), but one day I went to my acupuncturist, and for the first time, I felt the acupuncture rush that people had always been telling me about. My acupuncturist also commented on how much more quickly I reacted to the treatments than before. For this alone, the EarthCalm is totally worth it, to be feeling groovy while getting acupuncture instead of just feeling like a pincushion. To give you some perspective: my late father was an acupuncturist, so I’ve been getting acupuncture all my life, and I never thought it worked…until now. I haven’t tried the little silver pendant yet, but I just might…."


"The unit has arrived and this is the second day it has been plugged in. Our older son (ADHD tendencies) seems to be calmer in the house and is sleeping a LOT. At 17 he usually goes and goes, exhausted or not, but seems to be able to relax now." 

-Kim F., NY 

"I recently received my home unit and resonator pendant.Wow! What a reaction we have all had with the pendant. We do muscle testing in my office and have interesting results with the pendant. Apparently when you initially start with the pendant you are detoxing heavily which produces a general weakness as reflected with the muscle testing. After you wear it a few days, as is the case with me, you muscle test strong indicating that it is helpful for you. It’s always nice to get confirmation of the benefit of a product by other means."

Rick D., FL

"Your product is fantastic. It is better than anything else I have ever come across. It does what you say, and more. Believe me, within a few minutes, I could feel my nervous system relax, and the meridians opening, the energy flowing better. I am really quite astounded. In the first hour, after plugging in the home protection system, I was able to sit there, spontaneously following, and absorbed within the silence that flowed from the depths of my mind, in a peace that is not usually found without effort and mindful attentiveness against the never ending waves of the intellectual mind imprisoned by its chatting egos. Just to close one’s eyes in that environment brings peace. We felt tingling through our bodies, and a sensation of energy flowing up and down the spinal column." 

I.R., Canada

"The Home Protection Unit is truly a Life saver. I have been using it in my home for over a year. I take it to hotels when I travel; and now since the company that I work for has installed wifi in the office, I bring it to work. It stops all bad signals within my office. I thank God for this product."

Bernadine H., TX

"I purchased EarthCalm in order to obtain some protection from electromagnetic bombardment and took with a grain of salt some of the possible relief from maladies listed in your brochure. Much to my delight, my blood pressure which was running l60/100-110 was reduced within about 10 days to 138-145/85. I’m 68 yrs. old now and purchased the EarthCalm Home System about two years ago. My blood pressure has consistently stayed at the lower level for all of this time. With even more delight, I report the results for my 92 yr. old Mother. We purchased EarthCalm for her about six weeks ago. She scared me for occasionally–her upper reading was over 200. Within a few days of having the Home Protection unit in her home, her systolic was down to 150 and has stayed there. Neither my Mom nor I have ever taken high blood pressure prescription drugs. Thank you for your wonderful dedication to the well-being of all of us, and thank you for addressing a problem which the United States health community has yet to give more than cursory attention." -

Michelle B.

"Presently, in my home I have Infinity Home Protection System engaged at the first two levels. The first day my sinuses drained, and the right ear (which is the cell phone ear and is pierced) drained for 12 hours. I feel it working through my body ..which I would describe as detox. I had itchy areas — hooray!! Things are changing and I experience it as wonderful!! I totally enjoy my Atlas Band Hat — it is just the first hour and my head feels warmth. I know this sounds like I’m TOO HAPPY. It is simple – it quiets the atmosphere with calm. And lets my mind enjoy my true origin – that is harmony."

Nancy R, FL

"The EarthCalm equipment has been a very big help to me in living a more satisfying life. With a medical diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder about ten years back, I was not in the best of shape mentally. Using EarthCalm equipment has helped me to eliminate my formerly frequent bouts of anxiety, my thinking is much clearer and I have a substantially deeper feeling of the presence of myself which has helped me to feel calm, peaceful, and centered much more of the time."

Mike G., Canada

"We have reverse osmosis filtered water, but since I’ve been wearing my Resonator, it’s the first time I noticed that our water really tasted like rain water. The other thing I noticed is that I can FEEL my tongue better, all scale deposit on it has (been) removed and a phlegm problem in the back of my throat that has been annoying me for over a year has gone. In myself I do believe I actually feel more at peace with my world. With 5 teenagers in our household, that’s really saying something momentous. Also I’m noticing today that working at the computer is not putting me to sleep (tiring me as it usually does) so this will definitely be a huge bonus for me as my work is online. All this and the first week is still not over, Thank you for your many, many hours of searching for alternative answers to health and then for sharing them. Can’t wait to plug in the Infinity Home Protection System so all the family can benefit. It will be interesting watching how each one’s health improves."

S. Boulter, NJ

"I am bi-polar, but have been able to manage my illness with diet, supplements and yoga rather than medication, largely due to the Earthcalm products, I believe. While I still do experience occasional mood swings and manic episodes, they are GREATLY reduced in frequency, severity and duration."

Susan B.,MN

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