"I have been using this amazing bracelet for about 3 months, I suffer of horrible migraines and since I been wearing the bracelet my migraines have been minimum. I used to take pain pills every day and now if I take a pill once ever 2 weeks when I get a headache, not even a migraine is weird. It’s been a blessing having this bracelet, I only take it off to take a shower. I recommend it to all my friends and family, my wife has the necklace and she is the store manager for cellular store. She wears it every day, with all the EMF that is always around her; her head used to hurt every other day and she was always feeling a little off, now she feels more grounded and no headaches. Thank you for this amazing product." 

"I just want to inform you that I have received my Sanctuary Buddy in good order. Today is the 2nd day I am wearing the Sanctuary Buddy & I am compelled to update you on what I am feeling! As I have mentioned some months ago, I was suffering from chronic tension headaches that were getting from bad to worst. I was & am still wearing a customised EMF shield which I ordered some 15 years ago; back then the 3G network just launched. I know the EMF shield is no longer able to cope with the increased 5G network, as headaches started creeping back in about 5 years ago. So late last year, I decided to invest in your Infinity Home Protection System to complement my existing EMF shield. It works by stopping the headaches whenever I am back home. However, I still having tension headaches whenever I am out of the house for long periods of time. Finally, I decided to get the Sanctuary Buddy to complement the protection while I am outside. The moment I put on the Buddy, I can sense an immediate calmness surrounding me & I could sense my muscular tension melting away! I am not exaggerating! This is why I can't wait to inform you ... at last, I feel normal while I am outside for the first time in the last 5 years! I should have just gotten EarthCalm back then instead of waiting for so long & suffering for nothing! Today, I have removed my customised EMF shield & just wearing the Buddy to see if my headache returns by the end of the day."

"Years ago, when my autistic son first put on an EarthCalm Nova Resonator, he immediately felt better, more grounded. He wore it for many years. Now that we’re using EarthCalm’s upgraded products, I have noticed that Mike seems just simply more there. He notices what is going on around him more and responds with more empathy and consideration to others." 

C. W. Prescott, AZ

“Now I can fly without getting dizzy or feeling ill. Before if I got ill from the EMFs it took me six weeks to recover. Now if I do get ill I am better in a day! Thank you EarthCalm.”
Tanya, AZ

“You gave me my life back!! I can go anywhere I want again. The pendant just changed my life. Before the pendant I used to have to sit in a park for hours every day and could not go anywhere. I couldn’t use the oven, open the refrigerator, have any lights on or watch TV. Now I can go anywhere, watch TV, cook and be in my house. Thank you so much.”
Dorothy, MS

“As a practitioner, I am always on the lookout for tools to help my clients. Through biofeedback testing called ‘Autonomic Response Testing’, many of these clients present with various forms of radiation sensitivities that are significantly disturbing their nervous system and in turn their ability to reach their health goals. I am thrilled to see such clinical success with the EarthCalm products (and this after having tried many, many others).

Many clients have shared that they feel an immediate sense of calmness when they begin to wear the pendant. Others say that the ‘inner buzzing’ sensation has stopped. Electrosmog is fast becoming a real health concern. We are fortunate to now have a company that not only foresaw the electrosmog connection to illness, but has created high quality products to remedy these interferences!”

Claire Riendeau, N.D., N.M.D., 

“When I first put my Nova Resonator on, I felt calm and peaceful. During the first couple of days, every once in a while I’d just feel that I needed to take it off, and I’d take it off for about 15 minutes then put it back on. After a couple of days, I didn’t want to take it off— quite the opposite — and I’ve been wearing it constantly ever since. Even though I did not have specific ‘symptoms’, I feel quite different in general. It’s hard to describe, and I’ve become sort of used to feeling this way. If I were trying to put it into words, I’d say that I feel like “I” extend outwards at least 10 feet from my body! It’s as if some sort of hard ‘skin’ or ‘wall’ has been melted away, and instead of being separate from my surroundings, I am simply part of them! It’s pretty cool!!

I’d also like to tell about my friend who has severe EMF sensitivity. On his way to our house, as soon as he entered areas that were built-up near us, he started to feel very uncomfortable all across the back of his head. When he arrived, we asked if he’d like to try one of our resonators. He’d tried so many products that are supposed to help with EMF problems, and they hadn’t helped him—but he did put it on. We were chatting and about 15 minutes later my husband asked him how he was feeling. He said, with some surprise, “OH! that feeling in my head is totally gone!!” I think he is a very good ‘measuring stick’ for demonstrating how your product can help even people with severe EMF sensitivity. I am so glad that I had the good fortune to learn about EarthCalm.”
Kathryn, Ontario

“After the electrical company installed a smart meter on our house I was having heart palpitations as well as trouble sleeping. I decided to give EarthCalm a try. Since wearing the…Pendant I have been happier, healthier, calmer and sleeping better. When I let other people just try it on they don’t want to give it back because they also feel so much better.”

Robin, Philadelphia

“For the last five years I had a constant ringing in my ears, along with an occasional loud buzzing sound. It was very annoying and distracting, to say the least. My attitude was one of acceptance; I will just have to live with this constant high-pitched noise which is probably a result of all the sinus infections I had throughout my life. Then someone gave me the Nova Resonator Pendant to use to help improve my overall health which it did, especially my energy level and the frequency of migraine headaches.

A few months later while talking with another friend who was complaining of tinnitus I realized that the ringing in my ears was gone! Completely gone! I asked myself if it could really be the Nova Resonator Pendant that got rid of it? Not really believing that it could do that I took the Pendant off. Within hours the ringing and buzzing in my ears returned, reminding me of just how annoying it is to live with a chronic ringing sound. So I put the Nova Resonator back on and within hours the ringing and buzzing was gone! I only had to try taking the pendant off one more time with the same results to finally trust that it was EarthCalm’ s Nova Resonator Pendant that resolved this terrible problem of ringing in my ears. I would highly recommend it to anyone with any kind of ringing, buzzing or high pitched noise you constantly hear, but give it some time to work because like I said it took about a month or two for the quiet to return.”
Kathy, CA

“Ever since I have been wearing the Earthcalm pendant, my overall health has improved. I used to fall asleep sitting up, when at the computer. My eyes used to burn. Now that I wear the pendant, that does not happen.

Also, since wearing the pendant, my Fibromyalgia pain has subsided. I might even say I am in remission. This could be due also to the fact that I have the Home EMF Protection System plugged in. Thanks to EarthCalm, my life has improved, greatly. It is wonderful technology.”
Adele M., CA

“The sleep I’ve experienced since wearing the Nova Resonator pendant has been the sort of sleep I haven’t had for half a century, during which fatigue, burdens, weight, perhaps even toxins just flow out of the body and away.

I’m not susceptible to the placebo effect and am always in balance between enthusiasm and scepticism.
My reaction has been more complicated than this, and if I was talking to a scientist I would have more to say. I also noticed a huge difference when I first bought an Earthing sheet, which deals with EMFs in a different way. With my Earthing sheet, after the first night I couldn’t wait to go to bed, whereas previously I had waited until I was totally exhausted and couldn’t keep my eyes open, and even then would put up a struggle to stay awake. The Earthing sheet removed a lot of something from my body. Prior to the Earthing sheet I used to wake up feeling like I had been hit on the nape of the neck with a sledgehammer.

The Nova pendant has taken my quality of sleep further…All the spectacular removal of my body burden has been achieved in the first month of wearing the pendant.”
Jay W.

“I received the new Nova Resonator this morning–and I could feel the warm, tingly sensation mentioned on the website right away. I feel so much more energy and positivity from wearing it. Your products are always great and I can always tell the difference immediately.”

Teresa L.

“After wearing the Nova Resonator Pendant, the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders was gone! What a miracle!”

Rebecca S.

“Whenever I take my EarthCalm Ankle Bracelet off, it is as if I am removing a part of my body, so you see how much it does have an effect on me.”
Ann J.

“I received my ankle bracelet yesterday. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I got my mail. I’ve been walking with a limp at times from a broken ankle years ago but when I put my ankle bracelet on the pain is almost gone. Now I can start my yoga practice again.”

Debbie C.

“Since wearing the Nova Resonator Anklet for the past two weeks, my back is better than it has been in years.”

Brenda, Canada

“I have A.D.D. and often feel anxiety…as soon as I put the Nova Resonator pendant on, I felt chills head to toe. My friend noticed that my whole face brightened up. My compulsive behavior has subsided.”

Sharon C.

“I have a really bad electromagnetic sensitivity. It is so bad I can feel when near electricity, like a shock going through my body. I tried so many products that did not work until finding EarthCalm. Now I feel normal again. I really like the Nova Sports Band; it is like a mobile Home Protection System that really grounds me! I threw away all the products from other companies and plan to slowly buy all of EarthCalm’s products.
Travis, Georgia

“…Within a minute or two after first putting it on (it’s worn as a necklace) I became distinctly aware of two shifts: (1) my perception, particularly my vision, became clearer; as though a kind of veil had been lifted: colors seemed brighter, shapes more well-defined; and (2) I felt much more distinctly grounded, in a pleasantly relaxed way, through my pelvis and legs, to the earth. (A friend, who recently wore the Resonator for just a couple of days, initially experienced about three hours of increased heat-sensations in her body, along with an increase in physical strength and feelings of general well-being.) Comparing the couple of times when I’ve stopped wearing the Resonator, for a day or longer; with how it feels then to put it back on — I can definitely say that there’s a difference; and that I feel better wearing it.”

Elizabeth R.

“I love your product! I am a chiropractor in California and personally have had amazing results using the EarthCalm Resonator. I am very interested in sharing your products with my practice members, and would like information on being a distributor or making them easily available in my practice.”
Jacqueline J.

“I have been suffering from fist sized hives that covered me from my neck to my knees for over a year. I have been on at least four kinds of prescription medications and three over the counter drugs. I received the resonator necklace about six weeks ago. I noticed a reduction in the hives after two weeks. After a month the hives were very few and only finger tip in size. Now, the hives have been reduced to one or two but not even every day! I had an appointment with my specialist and have been totally released from her care. I now take one OTC medication once a day. I wear my necklace 24/7. Is it coincidence? I think not! Thank you so much for this necklace. It has changed my life!”
Marsha V.

“I purchased the Earthcalm product with curiosity as well as some resistance on my part. It is lovely to wear so I decided – why not? And, if it could help me – that would be a bonus.
A couple of days later I notice that my right, ring finger is no longer in pain due to arthritis. I was shocked. I truly decided to be open to the possibilities and not “look” for something to happen.
Another wonderful thing happened. I am one of those people who attracts every bug there is. They seem to love biting me and each summer I dread the spider, gnats, flies, and anything else that thinks I’m “delicious.” These bites are so bad that I naturally scratch or rub so hard that I have bruises on my body. I noticed, accidentally, that on the fourth day of wearing this lovely piece of jewelry, I have not experienced bug bites. The bugs are actually leaving me alone and I’ve had a good night sleep as a result. This may sound small and insignificant but for me it’s HUGE!”
Karin J.

“The resonator has made a world of difference for me. I had not really noticed too much other than my irregular heartbeats seemed to slow way down while wearing it, until I had to take it to the jeweler yesterday to get the chain fixed. I have had a slight headache ever since and a runny nose. And I tossed and turned all night. I feel wound up tighter than a drum at the moment. So I am living proof that it is a wonderful product and I am so lost without it. I can hardly wait for Friday to get here so I can get it back on!”
Sherrie T.

“I realized it was working when I saw that I had quit grinding my teeth at night! It is amazing! It is a very subtle thing of course, but shows me that I’m sleeping better and not so stressed out! I love it! Thanks again!”
Ethan T.

“I felt more grounded as soon as I put the Resonator on. My arthritis improved. As a man I also find the Resonator attractive to wear.”

John F.

“Am doing great with the Resonator – don’t know if I told you that I have Lyme’s disease, so have had a lot of body pain, especially when tired, but must say that I can definitely feel improvement! You are a lifesaver!!! Thanks so much!”
Michelle W.

“I felt an immediate sense of well being as soon as I put the Resonator on … some of my patients had relief of a specific joint pain while others noted more energy and less overall pain.”
Fay C.

“At approximately the same time that I installed my radar shield at work, I decided to purchase an EarthCalm Resonator Pendant. I had tried many EMF protection devices before, but most of them were either harmful or did not offer adequate protection from electromagnetic fields. I took a risk and spent the money, and to my surprise, it was an extremely good investment, perhaps one of the best I have ever made in my life…”
Gilligan J.

“I no longer have the tightness in my chest area when I wear the pendant…that is a relief.”
Lorna S.

“I became ecstatic when I experienced the joy of having my mental power back. No more headaches, poor concentration, bad memory or fatigue. I really started to feel like a magnetic master with the power I was feeling.”
Andrew J.

“Since I have worn the Resonator I have not been sick. I work in the printing industry with all the toxic smells and noisy equipment and sit in front of a computer all day with a headset on all day and listen to satellite radio too. I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL THE TIME. So I am so grateful to you for developing such a great product that has helped me and protects my body and keeps me balanced.!!!! Many great blessings upon you for your invention.”
Devida D.

“My fibromyalgia is not nearly like it was, my energy has returned. The headaches I still get but NOT with the frequency I was, and I don’t take really anything for my headaches. Where I was getting 6 or more a month now I only get maybe 2 or 3 tops and they are not as debilitating when I do get them.
The necklace also helped me recover from my surgery I had earlier this year quicker. When I received the necklace earlier this year I was very skeptical that it would do anything for me, but it has and really changed my life.”
Christine R.

“When I first put on my Resonator, I noticed a heavy grounded feeling in my feet, and then a slight rush of elation. Then for about a week I was tired and achy all over, like a flu. After that, I noticed while swimming that I could swim twice as many laps before needing to stop.”

Mike G.

“I just started wearing the Resonator. All I can say is WOW! I have been interested and wearing EMF protection jewelry for many years. Many of them improved various conditions. I now know that I have an electrical sensitivity and suffered with many illnesses when I was younger. Your product is the strongest of any other product I have tried.
Wow! I am amazed at how much better I am feeling since my home protection system! I really do feel a sense of peaceful calm where there used to be tension. Your survey made me think about how I feel. The first survey had me in tears I had been so stressed..it made me realize how unhappy I was. Those feelings are gone now and I feel very optimistic and alive.”
Lindee A.

“For the past 20 years, I have had chronic fatigue and heart symptoms (erratic pulse, chest pain). My cardiologist had assured me that nothing was physically wrong with my heart; my doctor had assured me that all my tests were normal. Within two hours of wearing an EarthCalm Resonator the fatigue simply dropped away and the heart symptoms were greatly reduced. In three days the heart symptoms were gone.

I found that my posture corrected itself! Lately I’ve been troubled to note that I am hunching over slightly, and it’s been an effort to straighten up. With the Resonator on, I stand straight naturally without thinking about it.

I installed a home system as well. My husband feels better, and so does our little dog. She has been very stiff for years. Within a day of installation she was friskier and had an improved appetite. Within a week she wanted to play again! I’m thinking I should make her a collar with a Resonator.

I can’t possibly express enough gratitude for the EarthCalm products. The results are beyond belief. EarthCalm has literally given my life back to me. Thank you!!!”
Kylea G., Sequim, WA

“I thought I’d let you know how my EarthCalm pendant has changed my life. I have been depressed for 25 years, I tried to snap out of it but found it hard. I used to be asleep all the time. I hardly ever smiled. I walked like a zombie. I have children, I can’t have been a nice person to to be around I was always so miserable. I used to never bother with my appearance. If it wasn’t for the children I would have stayed in bed 24/7. I have noticed I am so much calmer, so much more positive. In fact I can’t believe I am the same person. I am like a teenager in my brain again, but I have a lot more responsibilities. I smile most of the time despite having plenty of problems. I can think clearer, I can see things more clearly. All I can say is it is hard to believe.

In the near future I hope I can persuade my son with moderate ADHD to purchase EarthCalm room plug and the pendant. When I talk to people I can honestly say I more or less listen to every word they say which I never used to. I feel I could do most things if I wanted to now. I laugh a lot with my family now, I’m always smiling. My children have told me I am so easy to talk to now. They found it hard to talk to me before. I think if I went for a job interview I could do quite well now.”
Shahnaz B.

“I am a nurse practitioner and had to go on disability due to the severity of my symptoms…(now) my life force and creativity are returning and my passion is once again awakening.”
Grace G.

“My nephew is 11 years old, has ADHD and suffers with asthma. After wearing the Resonator for about 20 minutes, he was noticeably calmer and more focused. When I asked him how he was feeling he said, ‘I feel like one person!’”
Cindy D.

“When my autistic son first put on an EarthCalm Nova Resonator, he immediately felt better, more grounded. He wore that pendant for many years. Now that we’re using EarthCalm’s upgraded products, I have noticed that Mike seems just simply more there. He notices what is going on around him more and responds with more empathy and consideration to others.”
C. W. Prescott

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