"I have only had the Quantum Cell for about a month but in that month I have had REMARKABLE results. I would like to share a little bit of history with you and my testimony of how amazing this product really is. 

 For the past fifteen or so years I have been dealing with debilitating headaches. Over the past few years I have had several CT scans, which provided no answers, and more medication than I can name, all of which had no impact on the pain. Eventually, I ended up on a narcotic/sedative that after several pills would start to alleviate the pain. However, after adjusting to the medication, which took about a year, the FDA pulled the product with no explanation as to why… Then again I’m not sure I want to know. Needless to say, it left me to start over as a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical companies. 

 About a month ago, my mother had the opportunity to obtain a Quantum Cell, which she gave me for a belated birthday present. When I first received it I was skeptical to say the least and wasn’t exactly impressed with the idea. But still I figured it couldn’t hurt to try, I was open for anything that might help. Now 1 month later I have been ABSOLUTELY, 100% FREE FROM HEADACHES! NEVER in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that anything could work so drastically and in such a short amount of time. Amongst this I have also noticed that other symptoms have been alleviated. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. After recovering from it I was still having residual effects. I have noticed that in the past month I have had NO symptoms if the after effects of this disorder. Thank you EarthCalm. Your Quantum Cell has saved my life! I have been freed from taking any medications for headaches or Bells Palsy." 

 Rena W., CA 

 "You guys have amazing products. These past couple of days I bought 3 EarthCalm pendants and a Home EMF Protection System and after plugging in the home system I could immediately feel the difference. It was like how I felt when I tried out the pendant at first. There was this amazing calm and centeredness that I haven’t felt in a long time.

I have been able to sleep better and what truly won me over was when I went to sleep using the nova resonator pendant, the ache that I usually felt in my joints and shoulders literally disappeared.

I was anxious to see how my body would react when I went to work since I work in the hospital, and as a RN we are surrounded by wireless technology among other types of EMF in our workplace. Thanks to you, I no longer have this tired and jaded attitude towards my job. I used to think that perhaps being a healer wasn’t what I was supposed to do. I was feeling sick, run down, old and arthritic (and I’m only 35). I’ve tried yoga, meditation, done reiki and yet I felt so unhappy and unfulfilled. I had no idea that I was sensitive to EMF until I tried the nova resonator. Because the pendant worked so quickly on me I was excited to buy the EMF home protection system and one of the things I noted was that the ringing in my ears stopped. It was like a dark cloud was lifted and I felt so light.

I wish hospitals would invest in this device because I’m sure that the recovery for people would be quicker and the overall stress that healthcare workers have in that environment would be more manageable than what is going on currently.

I’ve worked in a hospital that wasn’t as technologically wired as the present hospital I’m working in and I could tell that between the two, I felt more ill, had more headaches and joint issues with my present job.

Thank you for creating products that give people their life back. This won’t be the last of me as your customer."

Maureen, CA

"Over the last ten years, I have spent $15,000 on alternative health devices, including the Q-Link, Magnetico magnet beds, Quantum Technologies devices, Stetzer Filters, the Schuman Earth Safe Generator, Earthing/Barefoot grounding products, EMF Blues ceramic dots, Advanced Tachyon Technologies devices, Geomack Geopathic units, Zapping units, Power Pyramids, and crystals. I have received some degree of relief from all of them.

I recently received the Resonator Pendant, and I will say, that this is the smoothest, and deepest energy I have felt so far from any of the products.There is a depth that seems to have no end, and that would make sense, since these energies tap into the earth’s energy, which is boundless. The other products seemed to give a sense of relief, but with no ‘direction’ in that they gave some alleviation of agitation, but then a sense of blankness, and the rest was up to me. Your products, from what I am experiencing so far, have structure, direction, and boundless capacity, since they are based on harmonics, and universal algorithms that are based on the evolution of the earth. As far as I can tell, your products are unique in the regard that they have been tested with direct experience, as well as universal and earth based mirror resonance information, and the other products alleviate, or block things, but don’t give dimension, patterns, or direction.

I like your products so much that I have bought one of everything you have. I have actually put away some of my other devices by other companies. I found the combination of the pendant with the Home Protection System the most powerful healing modality I have yet experienced ever over the last 20 years I have been working on this.

I now sleep much sounder, the brain fog is almost gone completely, and zero headaches, no colds, etc. Your products do work, and I can feel them work every day."

Brian Slanger, MD

"I am a very skeptical person, so I need to see results. How have EarthCalm products changed my life? First and foremost, energy level. Also, being very sensitive, I had difficulty fighting off colds or flus. This year I felt it coming on and I found I could fight it off!!

Another problem I used to notice was that as I was holding or working on my cell phone my hands would tingle. When I put the EMF product on my phone – it instantly stopped the tingling. I was really surprised how powerful these little unassuming products are. There are many levels you can take this protection to and because of my first experience with the cell phone and computer protectors, I have now surrounded myself in my home and in my car with them.

A friend of mine has also been using all of the products with amazing results. She drives a Prius, and had been having a “spacey” feeling in her head that started every time she drove her car. She put the product in her car and the strange feeling is gone. She has also been using the Home System and is sleeping for the first time in years without sleeping pills. So needless to say, we are both very enthusiastic about the results and want to share this information!"

Laura B., CA

"Boy, my electrosensitvity is so much better, thanks to you!!! I now can go 24/7 with all 4 plugs of the Home System in, and I wear my resonator necklace and the Nova Bracelet on my wrist (when I’m not sleeping)…Yippee…I had to start very slowly like you say too…even with plug 4…years later…great advice thanks…"

Peg Walker 
(first grade teacher who had to retire because of sensitivity to all the wi-fi etc… after 37 years….I’m happy now….)

"Once again, EarthCalm has impressed me with its superb customer service! What a great company. My husband, son, and I all have EarthCalm pendants. I decided that I would like to replace the older type metal insulators (on the chains) with the newer rubber loop insulators on all 3 pendants. My email was answered promptly, in the friendly and courteous manner I’ve come to associate with EarthCalm. Not only did they agree to provide me with new insulators, they also said that if I preferred, to send our chains to them, they could replace the insulators for me! I decided to have them sent to me. I wish all companies were like EarthCalm, providing good products and giving dependable customer service."

Kathryn Lloyd, a “happy customer"

"I just want to thank you for saving my health! I was very sick for almost a year. Symptoms included severe anxiety, dizziness, panic attacks, etc. I honestly thought I was losing my mind. My doctor prescribed sedatives but they only helped a little. Then I went to a psychologist and he treated me for almost a year with barely any positive long lasting results. Then one day, I received a call from my sister. We spoke for 90 minutes and I was using my cordless phone. I felt fine before she called. When I hung up, I almost blacked out. That’s when I started researching the topic of EMF toxicity.

My psychologist lent me his tri-field meter and I found out exactly what was happening. After some needed changes at home and the purchase of your products,I haven’t felt this well in so long. Thank you for helping me get my health back! I am so grateful!!"

Patricia M., TX

"EarthCalm products really really work. Since purchasing the Home EMF Protection System, we sleep better. No longer having bizarre dreams from the smart meter. Our appetite is better. We are more relaxed and tranquil. Before wearing the pendant I could not go into any large stores with florescent lights without getting all achey and feeling 90 years old. Now I can shop at any store and feel great! Thank you EarthCalm."

Fred Oxnard CA

"I am a believer in these products! I cannot think of a kinder thing to do for yourself than to have support for being grounded. I recovered from a devastating head injury, and using these products gave me the help I needed to heal. Healing requires ground.

With a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education, I have had fantastic tools I’ve practiced with for 20 years. I could not more highly recommend these products. I have the Anklet, (I use two for sleep,) the Home Unit and the Quantum Cell phone chip.

Find ground and watch your healing happen. Spring always comes. Thank you, EarthCalm!"

Nancy M., CA

"Wanted to thank you for such wonderful products! For over two years, I used to wake up with a headache at the base of my skull, and also experienced numbness in my left hand and leg. This began after installing Wi-Fi and the electric company installed a smart meter.

The first day after I installed the Omega Wi-Fi and the EMF Home Protection System,those symptoms disappeared. Next, just to be on the safe side, we had the electric company replace the smart meter with an analog meter at a cost of $75, and $10 per month extra on our electric bill. Then, I purchased an Earth Calm pendant to wear in public. What a difference wearing the pendant makes! Before I purchased the pendant, when in an area with high EMF’s, cell phones, etc., I frequently experienced sharp, stabbing pains to my head, similar to sensations felt when a dentist strikes a nerve with the drill only not as intense. When wearing the pendant I usually do not experience those symptoms–what a difference wearing the pendant made."

Pat, California

"My dog, Star, lost use of his hind quarters earlier in the year and is still recovering. The other day, I took him to the park. As I watched him running along, it became evident that his gait was beginning to deteriorate. I became aware of a shrill hum, which I associate with EMFs: the park is within 300 feet of over a dozen cell phone towers and amidst apartment buildings with smart meters numbering in the hundreds. Star finally stopped walking altogether, so I picked him up and carried him home.

Within minutes of returning home, he was back to his more mobile self and dashed down the hallway to get a toy. I knew immediately that his improvement upon returning home was due to the EMF-safe healing environment created with my Earthcalm EMF protection devices. In comparison to the park, my 11th floor apartment is closer to the towers and the shrill hum is louder—and yet it’s clear that my apartment is safer and healthier than the park for my dog where he was able to walk “barefoot” on the ground. Star’s recovery demonstrated to me that EarthCalm’s products are truly effective!"

Liala E., Canada

"I want to commend EarthCalm on their 90 day Money Back Guarantee. It’s real! I purchased Nova Resonators for my husband and myself (we love them) and I also bought one as a surprise for my adult son. He wore his for a couple of months and was very impressed with it. It was easy for him to notice the difference, since he lives in a very large city where one is constantly bombarded with WiFi and surrounded by people with cellphones on public transit, in stores etc. Although he could feel the benefit, he felt uncomfortable about ‘Mom’ spending that much on a gift for him, so he asked me to return it & get my money back and he would purchase one for himself when he can afford to. I phoned EarthCalm and they immediately emailed me the address where I should send the resonator, and the return code # to write on the package. That’s all there was to it! As soon as they received it, I was notified by email, and subsequently the full price was credited to my credit card."

Kathryn, Ontario

"I am so electro-sensitive that I don’t need a meter of any kind to test your products, because I feel energetic shifts immediately. If I’m in the front yard I can tell when someone in the house hangs up from a cell phone call, so I am an EMF meter myself. After 17 years of being electro-sensitive, I have recently been having up to 10 seizures a day and have fought going unconscious a number of times in the last several weeks. Upon waking I’ve felt like an electrical barbed wire fence was inside of me, due to the EMF’s that were trapped in my body.

I have tried many other EMF-related products for personal, home and cell phone protection, including ones that plug into the wall. Your products are totally different, they WORK, and they’re not charged with energy the way some other products are, so they will never “run out.”

I am also a Reiki Master and have studied other forms of natural healing, including Healing Touch, nutrition, EFT and TFT. So I’ve tried those in addition to acupuncture, orgonite and orgonium products, mirror resonance energy pendants, a zero point energy wand, crystal healing, a BioDisk from a quantum physicist and anything out there I could find. I have seen highly respected practitioners in various areas of natural healing, but no one I’ve tried understands electromagnetic sensitivity the way you do, and their methods usually caused me to get worse due to the detox, or possibly feel better for a day.

When I put the Quantum Cell on my phone, I found that the radiation is actually transformed into beneficial energy which surrounds me like a cocoon. (For over a month I haven’t been able to be around cell phones even when they’re OFF.) I have also found that there is no more harmful radiation coming from my computer because of the Omega WiFi, and the energy coming from it is now feels like a beneficial field too. (I can now finish my online education in holistic health, thanks to the Omega WiFi!) Also I have been unable to work properly for over a month, but I just notified an employer that I can resume work.

The Traditional Resonator does what your website says it will do (it’s also much prettier than it looks on the website). Last night I took the Resonator off when I went to bed, because I didn’t want to overdo it. I know you recommend using the home system first, but I couldn’t tolerate being out of the house without it, so I’m already using the pendant. For 15 minutes after removing it I had a series of strong heart palpitations, which has been happening over the last 3 years, but it’s unusual for me to have so many in a row. I felt horrible and put the pendant back on, and have felt much better ever since. I will never remove it again!

And the Home EMF Protection System is phenomenal. Until now, I have been getting dressed in the dark and fleeing the house each morning without even being able to properly check myself in the mirror, sick from the EMF’s in the house. I just plugged this system in and walked into every room here, and every room feels completely cleared of harmful energy.

Thank you EarthCalm, you have saved me from being cooked. Life without you has been unbearable. EMF’s were causing me to harm myself uncontrollably on a daily basis. (The electricity has been overpowering the electrical signals in my brain, and literally taking over.) Each day for the past month I have felt I couldn’t face another day. Finally, a line of EMF products that deliver, from people who understand electromagnetic sensitivity!"

Olivia Worthy, LVN, TX

“There is so much good info available from your site on such an important topic that I hate not to have it available to help someone make a more informed decision. I know that when I ordered my earthcalm products, much of the reason I went with you instead of some other product was that I was impressed with the amount of information on emf and Wi-Fi that was on the site. I felt like I was dealing with people who were really concerned about the emf dangers and had been working on developing products for a long time.” 

Carol M., Sioux Falls, SD

"I have had no asthma all day, no headache and most of all…it is miraculous…no sinus congestion of any kind. It has been years since I have been able to breathe properly."

Petra B., Boise, ID

"Thank you for your amazing products. They all work like a miracle. I am so glad I found out about your cure for hypersensitivity. I work in an IT department. At some point, I thought I had to quit my job. I was in the emergency room twice. I am still sensitive even wearing the pendant, but not to the point where I think I am losing my mind. The Home System for the house is my favorite. My house has become the most safe place on Earth for me."

Elza, Augusta, GA

"I cannot say enough great things about your products. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but they have changed my life. I had many health issues just pop up over a 6-12 month period and all from Wi Fi. I purchased a new laptop and developedvulvodynia, high blood pressure and gained weight. I purchased your home system, the necklace and the one for my laptop. It might be overkill, but I trade the stock market, so I need to spend time in front of my laptop. Before finding your products, I had to stop trading–the vulvodynia pain would start in a matter of minutes after being exposed to the Wi Fi from my laptop."

Deborah K., Hunt Valley, MD

"Given the electromagnetic chaos we live in today…the technology behind this type of product is one of the most important endeavors there could be now and in coming years. I must say a hundred times over that I am so grateful for this saving grace."

Douglas N.
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