High Blood Pressure, Stress and EMF Exposure
It’s pretty well accepted that stress and blood pressure are linked; stress helps elevate our blood pressure levels. Most people think of emotional or mental stress in this regard, which is natural because we all know that when we become highly emotional or mentally stressed out, our blood pressure tends to rise. There are certain environmental stresses we might think of as well, such as smoke inhalation, chemicals in our environment, or exposure to man-made EMFs.

EMF Exposure is a Stressor
There’s not a lot of solid research out there yet about how EMFs specifically affect blood pressure in the human body, however, there's a plethora of research documenting how EMFs stress the body.

For example, EMFs cause:
the creation of stress hormones
breakage of DNA strands
cell mutation and death
loss of important minerals, such as potassium, lithium, and calcium
increase of free radicals

For people who are vulnerable to high blood pressure, it makes sense that their blood pressure would be affected by the stress of EMF exposure.

Infinity Home EMF Protection System
At EarthCalm, we have gotten a lot of feedback over the years from people with high blood pressure—mainly regarding their experiences with the Infinity Home EMF Protection System.

Some of our customers have dealt with high blood pressure for a long time and have tried a number of different treatments, including heavy medication, with less than satisfactory results. Using our Infinity Home System has helped a number of people maintain healthy blood pressures when nothing else seemed to help.

B.H. from Austin TX says:

“A week after installing the EarthCalm Home Protection System, I took my blood pressure, which had been averaging 140/88 (on medications) and 160’s/90’s (off meds), with intermittently higher readings. I thought the machine was experiencing an error when it measure by BP at 115/78. I hadn’t seen such a low reading for several years!”

Similarly, Bernice A. of WA reports:

“…I was able to slash my beta blocker medicine in half and still have 118-60 and lower, with 75 pulse rate. Before the Home Protection Unit, my blood pressure with full medication was 120-140 over 75-85 with 80-85 pulse rate. I am no longer looking for a chair after I bend over to pick up something or exert myself for some reason.”

Michelle B., from California, indicates that the trend of normal blood pressure rates had been continuing for two years since she bought the Home System:

"…my blood pressure which was running 160/100-110 was reduced within about 10 days to 138-145/85. I’m 68 yrs. old now and purchased the EarthCalm Home System about two years ago. My blood pressure has consistently stayed at the lower level for all of this time."

She continued to say that she'd been very worried about her 92-year-old mother, who had had an upper reading of over 200. Within a few days of having the Home System in her home, her systolic was down to 150 and had stayed there.

Proving the Link Between High Blood Pressure and EMF Exposure
Testimonials, of course, are not hard science. They can’t “prove” in an objective, scientific way that EMF exposure and high blood pressure are linked, or even that the product these people used helped to lower their blood pressure. However, hearing real people speak this way with sincerity and enthusiasm certainly helps us realize that our Infinity Home System is helping people with high blood pressure. This makes sense to us since we know that (1) stress and blood pressure are linked, and (2) EMF exposure causes stress on the body in a number of different ways.

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