Wi-Fi Dangers: Effects on the Human Body
Wi-Fi: An Invisible Danger that is Easy to Ignore
Warnings of Wi-Fi health effects on the human body are easy to dismiss, especially because it would be so hard to give up the convenience of our Wi-Fi capable devices. We can walk around our house with our laptop and not lose connection; there are no messy, inconvenient cords. We can keep up with emails and conduct our work at coffee shops, airports, hotels, even hospitals. Who wants to give up this kind of convenience?

Since Wi-Fi is such a recent development, there hasn’t been time to conduct thorough studies on the long-term effects the radiation from Wi-Fi has on our bodies. However, thousands of studies have been done on the effects of microwave radiation from both cell phones and cell towers - which is very similar to that coming from Wi-Fi - so a lot can be learned from looking at the literature on those subjects.

Here are some of the most common symptoms people report when exposed to microwave radiation from cell phones and towers:
Chronic headaches
Memory problems
Depression, Anxiety
Sleep Disturbances

Correlations are also  being made to a wide variety of diseases, such as:
High Blood Pressure

Effects Happen at the Cellular Level 
Our cells respond to radiation as a foreign invader. The membrane around these cells becomes impermeable, which means nutrients can’t get inside and also that toxins and cancer-causing free radicals can’t get out. This damages the mitochondria, which causes the cells to lose their ability to function. The DNA is damaged. The cells eventually die, which damages the tissues, which in turn damages organs. All of this leads to disease and in particular, the formation of tumors. Yikes!

This is a danger that should not be ignored!
Just because there are very few long-term studies around Wi-Fi health effects on the human body, doesn’t mean it isn’t a potentially dangerous carcinogen. Remember tobacco? Remember asbestos?Remember x-rays? Do we want to wait 20 years to find out how dangerous Wi-Fi is to our health? It’s a good idea to look into protecting yourself against Wi-Fi dangers as best you can. View EarthCalm Products


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